Libra stone talisman

Libra are in our world harmony, justice and harmony. People of this sign are always in search of balance, and so they have a smooth character and judgment. If your sign — Libra stone talisman for you — amethyst, malachite, white jade, opal, beryl or black pearls. Typically, Libra may be difficult to make a responsible decision, especially if it is conflictual. These people are natural peacemakers, easily influenced by others'. But if they offend, then it is likely that you feel the hardness and rigidity of their character.
Libra irresistible and charming, they are always in tune with the reality that surrounds them. Well, to be protected from the adverse effects on people Libra stone talisman will be most welcome. You can with the mascots once again feel the balance and maintain harmony.
Libra stone talisman
 Stones, suitable for Libra will help them overcome the indecision and hesitation, passivity and win will help to make a quick decision. Mascots in the form of rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants will protect you from the negative effects and help to succeed.
 Amethyst is the most suitable stone for Libra. It is a stone of balance and peace. Astrologers believe that the stone is best worn on the ring finger. And it is desirable that a faceted amethyst in silver, and always wear it and still want more.
For the health of Libra would be the best such a stone, like white jade. He not only has beneficial effects on the kidneys and strengthens blood vessels, but also promotes personal growth. But keep in mind that this single stone, it is not conducive to love relationships.
For those who like to be the center of attention, perfect malachite. But for arts-related Libra malachite simply irreplaceable — it makes it more attractive and charming, thus attracting the attention of others.
 Libra is not recommended as these stones are serpentine, chrysoprase, topaz, and carnelian.
But among the gems, perhaps, there will be no such a way would involve so many prejudices and superstitions, as with opal. In the Middle Ages rings with opals protect people from the plague. And as a mascot, just the right Libra Opal guarantee success in all undertakings, provided that the owner of the stone is noble and does not aspire to wealth. But those who are inconstant and unstable opal should beware.
Opal brings the gift of prophecy, but only for good. If you predict the future with the aim of causing harm, that his action he just loses. This is a stone of hope, and a stone of fidelity.

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