Lion stone talismans

Born under the sign of Leo people need special treatment and attention. They are endowed with great energy, and their whole life is dynamic and full of passion. After all, the Lions love to be the center of attention, love to be flattered. More often than other characters, he is able to make serious progress. But how important successes, Lions inherent and serious failures. And if you are a Leo stones charms are sure to help you achieve ambitious results and high status.
 Since the Sun — home planet of this bright sign, the lion and the rocks — bright, sunny and bright, mostly orange hues. Although they may occur among the ornaments of the Lion and more gloomy, dark and cool stones.
 When to apply a particular charm, largely depends on the owner, but wearing both bright and dark stones is still not recommended. But what is Leo stones mascots? This diamond, golden beryl, citrine, fire opal, amber, Arabian onyx, carnelian and rock crystal.
Stone lion mascots
 Diamond, or a diamond, is considered one of the most precious stones. Leo Diamond is able to give courage and protects the body from danger. Especially good diamond talisman in travel — it protects against the wiles of the enemy and attacks of wild beasts. But Leo, which has a diamond, should be a person with good intentions — dishonest Leo stone will only bring trouble.
Sapphire is good for hardening effect Lion on other people and gives its owner the wisdom strengthens the spirit and sharpens intuition. Sapphire can lead to several forms of successful promotion and reveal to Lion any doors. This stone is a distillation of enemies and attracting friends. He will save from betrayal, treachery and slander. But. Like a diamond, sapphire is also not suitable dishonest and selfish Leo.
Golden beryl or heliodor bring its owner peace, peace of mind and prevent nervous breakdowns. Thanks to this mascot, Leo becomes calm and joyful, filled all around with happiness and joy. But a female Leo golden beryl give greater appeal and attract new fans. Lovely mascot heliodor and Lviv-travelers — it will always protect the Lion in the way.
Amber helps Leo treatment of colds and protect it from damage and the evil eye.
 Peridot gemstone give Leo a peaceful sleep and banish nightmares. And if you rearrange chrysolite into gold, it will strengthen the spirit of the Lion and give him the gift of predicting the future.
 The stones are not suitable Lions — moonstone, serpentine, amethyst, labradorite and black opal.

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