Love talisman. Love amulet

Love amulet (talisman) are capable of much — ignite passion and save attachment, find a soul mate and to eliminate an opponent. Energy talismans to interact with our biofield, corrects the circumstances under us, strengthens our appeal and protects against negativity.

 In China, the most popular love talisman (amulet) — paired characters, no matter what. This may be a couple of cushions, ducks, candlesticks and anything else. Key to this — that you put talisman in the southwest part of your home, in the area of love. But the best yet for this purpose suitable pair of birds figurine, made of red jasper, or ceramics. This talisman will ensure a happy and long marriage.

In Europe, the most popular love amulet (talisman) is loving image of the heart. But its effectiveness is still largely dependent on the stone from which the heart is made. For example, the heart, made of tiger's eye, guarding your relationship with envy, gossip and curiosity. Aventurine helps to understand the partner and find common language with him. But the heart of the black onyx can help you find new love after separation.

 In ancient Russia amorous love talisman (amulet) were very popular in the form made of twigs of birch or cherry-doll «wish». Making a doll, make a wish and hostess sewed on her dress for her bead, ribbon tied, brought little face to the mirror, and saying:
«Look, you're beautiful. A gift for my wish will be granted.».

You can also make a doll. Take two cherry twigs and put them cross. Stuff them with cotton or cotton linen bag, he has made out of the head and attach to the top of the sticks upright. Then sew a red dress and dress the doll in it. Talk to a chrysalis and verified her innermost desires. It is best to make a wish on the growing moon — it usually turns in just a month before the next full moon.

Perfect love talisman (amulet) for the couple and the wedding rings are. But their effect depends on the material. If you need warmth and understanding in the relationship, then you should buy the ring in yellow gold. Silver rings assure loyalty and affection. But the platinum rings will lead to the inviolability of your union.
When choosing a wedding ring, put it on his right hand and cover your left. You should feel the warmth between your hands. If you feel uncomfortable and cold — it's better to put a ring away. So never buy a ring of used — do not take someone else's fate.
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