Set-earring, pendant & ring. powerful love magic spells for girl & woman

Love Spells ring feelings return, lust spell back ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend back, magic spell ring buy store roses, wife back magic spell husband back love magic attractionSet-earring, pendant & ring. powerful love magic spells for girl  & woman
This is one of the most powerful accessory sets in my store. It consists of the following love artifacts: a ring, a pendant, and two stud earrings. Charged with the most powerful magic rituals, it’s a materialization of love spells, influencing three chakras at the same time:
The ring – every time you lower your hand wearing this ring on your finger, the ring gets close to your sex chakra and starts influencing it. It boosts your sex appeal and fills you with the energies to captivate your partner. Influencing your partner, the ring makes him want you more than anybody else in his life.
The pendant – when you wear the pendant on a chain around your neck, the pendant influences the heart chakra, also known as the chakra of the soul. True love is not only about carnal desires, but also about the energies generated by your soul. Once you put this pendant on, your soul turns into a gentle fountain of inexhaustible energy, enveloping you and your partner. The pendant opens up the soul of your partner, allowing your energies to interconnect (sometimes forever).
The earrings – they influence your mind (head) charka. Even if it’s slightly underdeveloped, the earrings will make it shine like never before. On the one hand, this will make your partner think that you’re a smart, wise person. On the other hand, this will improve your intuition to the extent of foresight. This will allow you to always know what to do to connect closer to your partner and thus make him love you more.
Influencing your partner, the magic earrings will free him from his fears and indecision, suspicion and distrust, erase his bad memories connected with you, and make him, at the sight of you, forget about other women.
The pendant is encrusted with one of the most effective magic semiprecious stones – agate. This stone is known for its amazing magic properties, and all I have to do, as an experienced witch, is to slightly enhance them.
Agate provides good protection from magic, including love spells. If someone falls in love with your man and casts a love spell on him or has one cast by a professional witch, all her efforts will prove to be in vain. Magic won’t be able to separate you. Don’t underestimate the popularity of magic in such situations – a lot of people are capable of it! However, with your agate pendant, nobody threatens your welfare, including your enemies, ill-wishers, or just mean colleagues.
Agate purifies your and your man’s soul. It removes all waste and extra blackness from your soul which may destroy any relationship, regardless of how solid it is. The stone won’t let you fall into a rut, but will make your soul shine with bright flames.
Also, agate is believed to be a stone of mental health. It’s not only about sanity, but also about the ability of this stone to become a solid shield in the way of any karmic or esoteric evil. If you wear it continuously, no curse or alien being will be able to harm you. By the way, curses and alien beings feed on the energy of pain and suffering, that’s why they always affect the relationship by causing misunderstanding, quarrels, and adultery.
The ring, pendant and earrings contain rose buds. Their purpose is to enhance love, meaning that without love, this magic accessory set won’t produce any effect. A beautiful and elegant accessory set, it won’t be able to protect you or make your relationship stronger. The key energy of any magic is your energy. If you don’t have feelings for a person and the energy of your love is missing, no magic artifact will be able to help you.
The accessory set won’t be able to help you if you and your karma are punished justly. To make it clear for you, I want to give you a few examples:
Example 1: At one point, you decide that your partner doesn’t earn enough money. Breaking up with him, you humiliate and make fun of him for that. After a while, you realize that you won’t find anyone better and try to reunite with your ex. That’s when Higher Powers stand in your way. They punish your by cursing you to always be alone and the curse will be removed only after you regret what you’ve done and apologize for that.
Example 2: Your partner loves you with all his heart. Nevertheless, you cheat on him and this makes him suffer. After a while, you want to reunite with him, even try to use magic, but fail. The thing is that man’s Guardian Angel intervenes and does whatever it takes to protect the man from you and the suffering you may cause him again.
Example 3: You have an abortion despite the baby’s father plea not to. You murder a human being… and you have no idea what a horrible sin you’ve committed…
There are other circumstances under which magic proves ineffective. So let’s make a deal: before you buy or order this set of magic items, contact me. I will diagnose your karma to know for sure if you deserve to benefit from the magic of this accessory set or not. If you want to purchase this accessory set because you like its design, I can’t stop you.
Besides, we don’t know our destiny. Who knows, what if these accessories are supposed to be owned by your granddaughter so she could save her relationship with the man who hasn’t even been born yet?
Love Spells ring feelings return, lust spell back ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend back, magic spell ring buy store roses, spellcaster wife back magic spell husband back love magic attractionBefore ordering this magic accessory set, please contact me. All the items from the set – the pendant, ring and earrings – need to be adjusted to your energies (3 chakras). Also, you should remember that these items are used not to bring love in general. They are supposed to influence a particular person, a man, and arouse his love. So don’t expect these accessories to work as amulets to attract random men. They don’t work that way.
So, speaking of the items from the set, the pendant is incrusted with a rare type of agate which has been called “Dragon’s Veins” for over 4000 years. The roses are not artificial, they’re real. They were picked and dried specially for this set, so this makes them unique. In addition, if you want, you can choose the color and shape of the buds to be used in your set. For more information, please contact me.
Also, the ring size can be adjusted. But the most amazing thing about this accessory set is that it glows green in the dark! And the glow has nothing to do with phosphorous or light-emitting diodes. It comes from the white stones each item of this love accessory set is filled with.
In the meantime, let me answer some of the questions I received from the people who’ve already bought these unique and highly effective accessory sets from me:
Question: Does this set have a shelf life?
Answer: No, it doesn’t. Its magic works as long as you have feelings for your partner. Once love’s gone, magic will go away, too.
Question: Does it matter whether I’m married to the man who I want to influence with the help of this magic set or not?
Answer: Love is the only thing that matters. However, if you’re in love with a man who is loved by another woman (especially his wife and mother of his children), the accessory set may prove useless.
Question: Is there a chance that the power of this accessory set will be not enough to make a man fall in love with me?
Answer: This can happen only if the man is not fated to you. That’s why I urge you to have a personal consultation and let me diagnose you before ordering and adjusting this set. This will allow you to avoid wasting your time fighting for the man with whom you have no future. 
If you buy& Magic Set «3chakras- thoughts, feelings and lust», additionally you get:

- Ritual spell-activation, ie this thing will cast a magical spell — on the name of the person (boy, girl or wife and husband)

- You get a photo or video record of casting rituals «love spells», "suggestion spell", and «lust spells»

- Before buying Magic set , I give free of charge advice and tarot reading about your love and relationship
-Delivery- Free

-You pay only 1 time
Price — 1300 $ us
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