Love spell pendant "Hot and Cold Heart".

Love spell pendant amulet to return the love, remove resentment bridge the heart spell charm mascot buy online witchcraft magic shopA unique hand-made love spll pendant&& «Hot and Cold Heart» with 2 hearts has been created to restore relationships and marriages destroyed by infidelity or mutual offences. The 2 hearts are united with the pure Light Energy rays: one is full of pure love, the other is filled with hatred and anger. Strengthened with the energies sent by Higher Powers (Gods), the heart of love always finds a way to clean the other heart from anger, hatred, and blackness.
I want to offer this amazing love spell pendant to those whose marriage or relationship has fallen or is about to fall apart, or those looking for a powerful ally to restore it.
However, this love spell pendant, like any magic item, has its taboos:
1.The pendant won’t be able to help you if you don’t love your partner, because it’s activated only by love.
2.It won’t be able to help you if you’re cursed for something you’ve done, for your sins. For example, you won’t be able to get your ex back if he cursed you for betraying and humiliating him, and taking away all his money. First you have to get your ex to forgive you and only after that you can start considering using magic.
3.The pendant will be useless if Higher Powers consider you a sinner for something you’ve done. If that’s the case, before trying to change your life – find love or get your ex back – you should first work on your mind and soul. Otherwise, your life will only get worse, while the gap between you two will keep widening.
Needless to say, the pendant won’t help you if you want to get your ex back because you don’t want to be alone or don’t want your ex to be happy with someone else. Pure love is the only driving force of this pendant. That’s why it’s of no help if you use it to punish someone, force someone to love you, or enter into a marriage of convenience.
Also, the love spell pendant won’t help you if the man you want to be with has absolutely no feelings for you. How can you know that? How can you understand that the man is not pretending but has actually no feelings left for you? Or that him saying that you two still can be together is not a way he wants to be avenged?
If you want to buy this pendant but have doubts, contact me and let me diagnose you. This will allow me to say whether magic will help you or you’d better find another way to get your ex back. Besides, a personal consultation will allow me to adjust the pendant to your energy and the energy of your beloved. By performing certain rituals, I will adjust the pendant’s magic programs so it can stabilize your life faster.
The pendant has protection properties. It will help you if your beloved is quick to take offence. After you purchase this pendant, your beloved won’t take every word you say personally. The pendant will make your partner softer in case he’s too hard on you or is hot-tempered. If you argue a lot and are tired of continuous quarreling, the pendant will help you as well, by bringing peace into your relationship or family.
Peace will remain in your life as long as you have the love spell pendant. Once you lose it, magic will vanish and your relationship will return to where it was when you bought the pendant.
Damaging the pendant may cause even more trouble. If you break your pendant accidentally, contact me immediately. I will perform rituals to transfer the power of the pendant onto another object which I will immediately send to you. Also, you must not tell other people about your pendant, for their envy or mean thoughts may destroy or damage the magic program of the pendant. If that’s the case, contact me, too. I will remove all negative energy from the pendant remotely and reset the pendant’s program.
In the meantime, let me answer some questions which people usually ask me after reading this article:
Question:I’d like to first buy your pendant and see how it works, and only after that have you diagnose me. Can I do that?
Answer: Yes, you can. However, I urge you not to try doing that. It’s not even about the money you may waste. It’s about the will certain magic items have. Sometimes, they come to a decision that you don’t deserve love and doom you to loneliness. At the same time, they may start helping your partner with his love life.
Question:Can this pendant be used by a man? It looks like a women’s pendant…
Answer: True magic items, especially as powerful as this pendant, don’t distinguish people by sex. So if a man wants to reunite with his ex-girlfriend or wife, he can buy this pendant and get ready to enjoy the results.
Question: What should I do to have the love pendant adjusted to me?
Answer: To begin with, you should contact me, tell me about your problem and let me (if needed) diagnose you. More instructions will be provided after a personal consultation.
Question:Do I have to visit you to have the pendant adjusted to my energy?
Answer:No, I don’t need you to come to adjust the pendant. Usually, a phone conversation or a picture sent via email is enough for me to do that.
For more information about the pendant, contact me and schedule a personal consultation. 
If you buy love pendant «Hot and Cold Heart», additionally you get:

- Ritual spell-activation, ie this thing will cast a magical spell — love spell or attract love spells- on the name of the person (boy, girl or wife and husband)

- You get a photo or video record of casting rituals «love spells» and «attract love spells»

- Before buying Magic pendant , I give free of charge advice and tarot reading about your love and relationship
-Delivery- Free

-You pay only 1 time
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