Matrix for Menstrual Blood Love Spells (start jealousy & obsession with you)

You can attract and maintain love in different ways. You can use a love spells and have to pay for that with your love, because love magic doesn’t work without true love. You can cast a sex spells and become your beloved’s most desired sex partner, ensuring that he will never even think of cheating on you. You can use Ritual «Matrix for menstrual blood love spells» to make your guy or husband jealous and obsession with you, and jealousy will make him think about you day and night and be afraid of losing you.
Charged with black magic rituals using your menstrual blood love spell which involve real blood, this magic artifact has been designed to stir up jealousy. It’s so powerful that it can make a man dangerously jealous!
I’d like to warn you that you bear full responsibility for the effect this black magic ritual «Matrix menstrual blood love spells for jealousy»  produces on your partner. I won’t accept any of your future complaints because I’ve warned you – jealousy may be very dangerous. A jealous person may chase you, check your email on your laptop or mobile phone. A jealous man can hack into your Facebook account or even shadow you. It’s possible that a jealous man starts beating you “to teach you a lesson,” or sexually abuse you to show you that you belong to him and he has a right to do that to you.
But don’t worry. It’s not as scary as it looks.

This matrix for menstrual blood love spells is programmed to produce the following effect:


— It makes a man “averagely jealous,” meaning his jealousy and the man himself constitute no threat to you
— The more caring you are and the fewer causes for jealousy you give, the gentler your beloved will be
— Once you start provoking your man, he’ll give way to jealousy and you will have to deal with another quarrel
Do you think it’s too much for you? Okay, it’s your right to choose which love magic ritual  using your menstrual blood to use to become happy. But to tell you honestly, I know a lot of people and families who wouldn’t be together if it weren’t for a jealousy spell. Jealousy is what keeps people together even after love’s gone. Or if the partners are too different socially or intellectually, or when their age difference is too big. By the way, this magic love and jealousy spells with menstrual blood is perfect for women who want to take advantage of wealthy men. As a rule, jealous men (husband or bf) are very generous. They are confident love can be bought and are ready to pay for each fit of jealousy.
This magic item Matrix for menstrual blood love spells is incredibly powerful, while its magic is very difficult to destroy. That’s why I urge you to first let me carry out magiс diagnostics to find out how jealousy will change your beloved and if it will constitute a threat to you in the future.
Once a jealousy spells using menstrual blood is cast, it’ll produce its effect for eternity, meaning the man or the woman under the spell will be influenced by magic all their life.

How to make «Matrix menstrual blood love spells» for jealousy

For the ritual, you need a photo of your love and the first name, as well as your name.
In order for you to get a powerful effect from the ritual and never get the opposite effect and consequences, the ritual uses the fresh blood of the sacrificial animal killed specifically for this ritual. After, during the casting of the ritual, a photograph of your man or woman, a special matrix with magical symbols is applied for your protection and attraction of his (or her) jealousy. This photo I'm transferring to you, you only have to apply your menstrual blood on top of these symbols.

Frequently Asked Questions about Matrix Menstrual Blood love spell ritual

Question: What if I break up with the man who I cast a jealousy spell on? Will he stop being jealous?
Answer: No, he won’t. The problem with this jealousy spell is that nothing can stop the man from being jealous. Even if you break up with him and he enters into a new relationship or starts a family, he’ll have a fit of jealousy every time he hears your name and make an attempt to get you back at any cost.
Question: How can I get rid of him then, if I want to break up with him or her?
Answer: You’ll need to contact me again. I’ll make a cancel spell that will be powerful enough to neutralize the effect of this menstrual blood love spell. By the way, if you’re not going to spend your whole life with this man, try to find another magic item or let me find it for you. I have a lot of various magic items in my witchcraft store to choose from!
Question: They say menstrual blood for jealousy spells are more effective when cast on men rather than women, and if you want to attract a woman another ritual needs to be used.
Answer: Speaking of women, they’re better attracted with sex spells. But if the woman you’re talking about is independent, strong and confident, casting a jealousy spells using menstrual blood on her would be your best choice.
Question: Can this powerful menstrual blood love spells be used by a married couple?
Answer: Of course it can! It doesn’t matter who this talisman is adjusted to, a husband, boyfriend, girl, lover, friend… You point the man to cast a jealousy spell on, and it can as well be your husband.
Question: Given the black magic power of this Matrix for menstrual blood love spell, wouldn’t it be better to first have our fortune told to find out if we’re fated to be together or not? And only after that order ritual?
Answer: Yes, it’s a very good decision. This will allow you to avoid numerous problems in the future and unnecessary spending in the present (this ritual is rather expensive). You may order a tarot reading session from me. I offer a lot of other magic services and you can order any (more information can be found on my website).
Price ritual — 560 $ us

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