Magical talismans

magical talismanA young man wearing a ring, very simple, but it gave the beloved, or it could be a ring, a tie clip, key ring, cufflinks, almost everything, the value of the subject is expressed, by no means, not by money, but by it was a gift of the individual. That is, in fact, all of these items — magical talisman, the essence of which — to maintain a memory of one person for another person, for the same third parties, it's just a bauble, maybe even very nice, but all the same trinket. This is one of the hallmarks of a talisman — the secret meaning and especially the effect on the person who wears this talisman.
However, magical talismans are not as personal. They can be presented with not a friend or a friend, they can be purchased by the man himself, for himself, but even if this is the case, the talisman will still be surrounded by mystery and have additional meaning, other than merely an object or piece of jewelry that contemplate the surrounding. Another sign of the talisman — a relationship that you use it to support.

Magical talismans for you

 And yet, what requires talismans and how are they used? It is clear that the mascot does not appear on its own, it has to be made, it must be deposited a certain energy, and the program only after the talisman is effective, that is, to work, to perform its intended function.
 Talisman can attract love, money, luck, health, and more. That is, a person has a need to either create a new relationship or strengthen an existing one. Talisman can protect against the evil eye, from disease, from ruin, by deceit, evil people, and so on. In order to implement one or the other, you need to man «to bring» a certain energy, adjust the frequency to open an additional channel. Talismans, just in, or reference point for the free energy of a desired type, which need a specific person. Talisman made, customized, initiated as soon as it is in the hands of man, so soon and start working.
What could be the talisman? In fact, any object, but not every material can hold long enough for the desired setting, and on some of the material is not easy to apply the necessary signs, but some things just can not be worn on the naked body. All preferences and restrictions appeared empirically, our ancestors experimented, tried, observed that, in the end, to tell us the necessary information. Now, however, charms, usually made from rocks and minerals, metals are sometimes used, sometimes a paper or clay — it was the experience of ancestors suggested that the conditions under which ensures maximum efficiency.

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