Make talismans and amulets of wood and plants

Make talismans, amulets and charms made of pine
Amulet against accidents, illness, emotional disorders manufactured as follows. Spring to collect about 50 grams of young needles, it must be dried and folded into a paper bag. This bag can be put back in some capacity, not to tear it as guardian shall be in the bag.
Lucky charm also can be made of pine. Bitch of a maximum of 10 cm make the rod, the bark is removed, dried stick, on one end make an annular recess, as it is possible to bind more strongly 4 gold (or imitation) lace up with staff. Keep a talisman to carrying in a box made of natural materials: paper, leather, etc.
Pine product is a talisman for good luck talisman of the Virgin and fuss, anxious mood, discouragement and disorders of the nervous system. Capricorn is a talisman for independence, autonomy, the ability to defend their opinions and views.
How to Make talismans with  Willow
Willow is a talisman against disease for the fish. Spring harvested young willow leaves, dried them in the shade and laid out in a cabinet with a soft linen paper, and must lie on top of underwear.
Talisman of willow is in the form of a circular plaque with a carved image of the moon and sea snakes, dolphins, sea horse, which is to be dyed blue or silver. It would be nice to decorate pieces of turquoise mascot. This product will contribute to the overall success, especially the conservation of energy. Talisman of willow will also take care of contacts Pisces, it will help them find employment in the fields of art, medicine, and will contribute to the comprehension of modern science, penetrating the secrets of nature and of human communication.
If you need to make a talisman of good mood, a total success for the Virgin and the guardian of depression, it is necessary to collect bunch of willow branches in the spring and stored until next year. It would be better if the willow contains a pillow. This talisman can learn the secrets of nature.
Make amulets and talisman Linden
Any product of lime as a talisman for successful communication. Pisces have a good box to store important memorabilia or just out of limes. Properties mascot intensify if done patch and wear it as an ornament, and the plaque is to be diamond-shaped, with the image of the sea horse, the color pattern and the cord should be blue or silver.
Mascot for Virgin Health will serve as die from lime in the cord of white color with a picture of any branch of the plant that needs to be painted white. It must be kept open for public view. This can be any pattern, engraved on wood.
Linden amulet can do that will relieve stress and not give too expend energy, and protect against unwanted intrusions. The holder of such a talisman, you need not focus their attention on it, the picture, for example, is simply to be around. Mascot, made of lime, will travel to the Virgin.
Make  talismans. Oak
Lucky charm that allows to detect even out of a very difficult situation, and the guardian of traitors, hidden enemies, travel companion and trips can be made from oak small rod of 15 cm It should have a knob pewter, turquoise and sapphire.
Wonderful charms are made of oak with a picture on the wheel, horses, eagles and deer. The horse should paint over white, red deer — white wheel — golden eagle — white. Made subject to carry around and very rarely part with it. This talisman is promoted as a flourishing private life of Leo, and its social activities.
For making amulets to saw out the round plaque, polish its image and apply an acorn, oak branches, the sign of Aries, the hawk, wolf, pike, goat or owls. It is best to cut out and paint over the image orange, red, green, lemon, raspberry colors. Enough to represent a single character, to which the people are most inclined. Warding tie red thread (not drilled hole) and hang it in the house in a prominent place. Ward also can be carried in a bag for yourself.
Warding oak protects Aries makes them courageous, steadfast, truthful, protects against stress. Oak protects tribal relations, strengthens family ties, to the acquisition of trusted friends and colleagues.
Make talismans Elm
Talisman is made only from the roots of the elm, and the tree must be dead, or his death, or twist the roots during the storm. Such mascot help Pisces become a well known figure in the arts, renowned educator, doctor, psychologist.
Mascot talent initiatives, high aspirations is a circular die of elm carved image heron on a black cord. Such products should be two. One should be at home, in front of the window on the ledge, make sure the curtains are also more at work in front of a window.
How to Make amulet Chicory
Chicory is a wonderful talisman and amulet. For its production to dig in autumn on a clear and cold day entirely large plant, carefully and thoroughly wash it, dry matter, coiled, tied silver cord or chain. Ring should not be more than 10 cm in diameter. It must be put to a final dry as possible in the shade, and when the product is dry, it should be put into the case. It will be a guard from the «black» eyes, slander, magic, diseases of unknown origin.
Amulet hanging in the clear on the wall of the room where there is a bed, or stored in a box in the head under the pillow.

Make talismans, amulet and talisman. Cloves
Make an amulet of cloves is quite simple. Take a clove buds in quantity 110 pieces, dried and stored in a canvas bag under the pillow or in the linen closet. In critical situations, carry bag.
Make talisman, amulet and talismans Cypress
Can be made of cypress lucky charm that will contribute to think outside the box and give its owner the opportunity to create a language that can adequately describe all brilliant. To do this, make a square plate of cypress, which should have, an image of a snake with well-defined scales. Figure need to paint blue. Such mascot needs Aquarius.
If you make a small casket of cypress, you get the talisman and amulet for the Lions. This casket good jewelry store, medicine, securities, money, correspondence, etc. On the cover of the casket to cut out the image swans, eagles and deer. Cypress will mitigate the most critical situations Lions. Casket can be stored not only at home but also at work, but as little as possible should touch the wrong hands, so it's best not to keep it on display.
Make talisman ( talismans) Poplar
Mascot, especially for Aquarius can be roots, and leaves, and actually poplar. Having a home hidden bundle branches of poplar, you will be able to put his plans into action, to make progress on the social ladder.
Plate can be made of poplar featuring dogs, dyed orange. It will be for the Lions guard from enemies, envious, and a good mascot, makes them successful leaders.
Make talismans, amulet and talismans. Chestnut
Mascot can be any product of chestnut and fruit. For example, this is the box in which to store the securities holders, candlesticks, cups for pens and pencils, etc. Another option: take 42 chestnuts, put in a open container or spread out in pairs on the cabinets and other open plane. It resulted in a total of luck talisman.
Amulet from stress, depressed mood and various diseases can be made of chestnut, making a box or any other product. This is particularly beneficial for the Scorpio. If you make plate, then it should cut out the image woodpecker, eagle, dove or a scorpion. Then, the product will be successful and mascot of social advancement, and will save the owner from unnecessary authoritarianism. In no case can not drill a hole in the plate, it should be kept private and will often pick up.
Collecting chestnuts with their own hands, you will make a talisman, to build relationships with others. To do this, put the 23 fruit in a bag made of suede with strings of green or red. They often need to hold in your hand (or pocket), especially when you communicate with the right people. To this must be added the mascot of one fetus in 8 years.
Making a box made of chestnut and putting anything into it, you will have an assistant. It is useful to make a Taurus to achieve success in business, in the promotion, it will previse of rash decisions. In the box is not necessarily something to place, but it should always be with the lid open.
Chestnut can make Ward: Rugged natural matter in the form of a small bag to put chestnuts, tie a green ribbon and open only when needed help.
Can be made of chestnut and charm, making a round plaque of chestnut and cut the images from the seal. This amulet can be carried, but never — over clothing. You can drill a hole with cord must be a deep crimson color.

Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Apple
In the spring, when the apple blossom, to be very carefully collected 24 flowers (not to crush), put them on a soft paper and dry in the shade. After drying the flowers piled in a box made of natural material and clean the closet shelf with laundry. This is a good guard from excessive voltages and emotional disorders.
For Capricorn good mascot is a manufacturer of dies root apple trees on it to cut the image of a lion, painted black, with a hole drilled impossible. Talisman is stored in a closed casket made of natural material. This talisman will promote the common welfare of Capricorn, to facilitate promotion, save from severe depression. Apple mascot will help Capricorn to master virtually any new profession, set up master plans for high and will make every effort to implement them. As a talisman apple keeps mentally comfortable state, not allowing energy dissipate.
Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Fig tree
Product from the fig tree will serve as a talisman of good luck and general guard from accidents, bad meetings, security in travel. On the octagonal Dies from this tree to cut out the image, or the hoopoe mole. It needs to paint in blue, white, purple, pink, or inlaid with mother of pearl. It would be inserted into the plate rhinestone. This product should be visible. If there is a drilled hole, then pass through a blue cord.
How  to Make  talismans. Fir
Powerful talisman, enabling almost did not get sick. This product should be Capricorn. To do this, take fir needles, wrapped in a white cloth, and carry either the amulet on a chain or a black cord in a canvas bag, or in a bag. In this talisman should not be available to other people. It gives the owner a great strength — both physical and intellectual, healthier human relationships.
Make talisman. Rue
The mascot is a living plant — either in a pot or in the garden area. Ruth takes care of contacts Capricorn facilitates understanding, gives meeting and making friends with the right people. If the plant died, Capricorn during the month should be put into the same new pot or in the same place. The death of the plants failed promises, but it could be reduced by planting a new plant. Capricorns have a good talisman and amulet simultaneously.
Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Ash
Sagittarius should be plate, which would be the image of trident or a sea horse, painted blue paint. Drill hole vdet blue cord. Lucky charm ready. It will contribute to the spiritual formation and development of Sagittarius, make every effort to ensure that the owner opted for high and worthy goal. Such mascot helps Sagittarius avoid many mistakes, if the owner wears it with you — or as a decoration, or secretly.
In addition, the ash, as guardian, beware of Sagittarius travel, albeit short, that can lead to big trouble.
Ash on the plaque is to be cut by the stork to his full height, and the pattern dyed blue. Drill hole is impossible. Ribbon or string must also be blue. It will be a guardian of the Twin untested and unreliable information on the situation because of the abominable slander and gossip.
In addition, the product protects the Twins from the persistent lovers and mistresses, their requirements and aspirations. Warding should be hidden from outsiders, but if you need to get rid of someone, such a person can not only show, but also to give it up.
Staff ash Gemini brings accuracy, thoroughness, depth of knowledge, especially if they are professionally involved with research activities. It does not allow to get stuck on the details, but requires a synthesis of what helps Gemini.
Staff should be thoroughly cleaned of bark, processed and polished, well, if it will be decorated with one of the stones, talismans Gemini. Gemini Staff should be made only with your own hands.

Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Hornbeam
Talisman of hornbeam useful only highly developed Sagittarius: he will give him the opportunity to fruitful irrational activities, will help to understand not only the reality, which is so familiar to Sagittarius, but also lead him into areas that are not yet available.
Talisman of hornbeam gives its owner extraordinary flexibility, insight, ability to learn, not only from their mistakes, making the vast majority of people, but also the mistakes of others. Hornbeam in Sagittarius brings wisdom, to which the owner must be prepared.
The mascot is a diamond-shaped die, and very good if in the center of it will be inserted into an eagle's eye. On the reverse side shall then be cut crow, painted in orange. The image can be on the front, if there is no insertion of stone. Drill hole is impossible.
Plate should be displayed prominently, but not to fall into the wrong hands.
Very interesting mascot for the Twins can be made of beech, if you connect the agate and hornbeam: a plate of hornbeam Paste or glue the elongated form of agate, and better if agate will light tones. Or on the agate, or at the very Dies hornbeam should portray a stork and paint over it with white. Drill hole is impossible, so you need to tie a talisman white cord. At home, he should be in a prominent place, and it becomes a talisman of luck for the Twins.
Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Figs
This is not just food, very useful for Sagittarius, but fig wood, branches, leaves can be used as a talisman and amulet. Plate of figs is an oval cut-out image of feathered arrow, the tip of which — the heart. In the drill hole must slide the red cord. Talisman to be worn or hung open, he drew attention to.
He teaches Sagittarius care, analysis, ability to compare the facts to make correct conclusions, stops his attention to the key points in the work, and in relationships with people. As guardian of figs insures Sagittarius rash statements, forcing them to control themselves in contact with other people and makes Sagittarius neat to talk to. Branches and leaves in the dry figs bouquet or herbarium just affect the Sagittarius as a mascot, but the power of these «products» is much less.
On plates of figs should portray a monkey or a beautiful leaf unfamiliar plant, and the pattern paint over three colors: white, blue and green. Fig — guardian of wrong decisions and wrong, false information. Can also drill a hole and you should use a woven braid three cords of these colors. May be in a hidden place to store dried berries figs — so she made to replace Ward.
Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Beech
Box or other product Beech featuring palm branch, full colored in red, is the perfect mascot personal relationships Sagittarius, their love affairs and adventures. Plate can be drilled, in which case it is necessary to use a red cord or a gold chain. Talisman gives Sagittarius extraordinary freedom in self-improvement, but, nevertheless, teach them not to infringe on other people's opportunities. Sagittarius, poor grasp of the laws of morality, this talisman is useless.
Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Plum
This is a useful food for Sagittarius, and Wood Products — beautiful amulet against accidents.
Plate should be oval, but hang horizontally. It should be cut dolphin, dyed blue. The cord should be made of three strands: white, blue, and green.
This amulet protects from Sagittarius attempt on their property, as well as a talisman — teaches its owner not to dwell on situations that disturbed vanity Sagittarius, and not treat aggressively to those who wish them well, but it chooses to form an emotional impact, forcing Archer to respond and mind, and emotions.
Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Mulberry
Sagittarius useful as food. Mulberry branches without leaves should set wrapped in a soft pink paper in the linen closet or on a shelf, which houses the most beautiful and delicate linen: a great love talisman, attracting a Sagittarius situation unexpectedly beautiful and interesting people.
Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Palm
If possible, one palm leaf to be attached to the house wall. Previously well dried leaf and lacquered wood. Mascot helps Sagittarius overcome its shortcomings, rectify an extremely difficult position, in which the owner has got their own fault, and angered others.
Palma promotes choice Sagittarius high goals, and not so much for their achievements, but for the sake of the ways of improvement. Therefore palm useful only highly developed Sagittarius, the winning patterns of thought and realized that the main thing — work on yourself: in this case, the reality will be unconditionally obeyed.
Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Nut
Any nuts, chopped on the «seam» in half, no cracks or other irregularities, with cores taken out, ie envelope of any nuts — a wonderful talisman for Scorpio by the sudden display of internal medicine. In part, this is a talisman and accidents. The shell splits into a hidden room in the house, at work, etc., but you can burn it until the following year, a new one. Therefore, the storage should be considered.
This may be the fruit of hazel, and any fruit that is called a nut. Dried nuts, washed and clean, but always in the shell, with no damage can simply be stored in a small bowl or box. Crystal is good product that will enhance the properties of such a talisman: it helps the body recover quickly, joins Lions with the right people, provides a lot of loyal supporters, making them resistant to the most unexpected and unpleasant situations. As always, these talismans require that others will not touch them with your hands, and certainly did not try to eat. The fewer such natural charms attract attention, the better.
Talisman for Taurus is a thin walnut plaque on which to draw a dove (cut, cut) and paint over the image with brown, raspberry, chocolate or green tone. Amulet to carry with you on the clothes in the bag, hang on a green cord at home under the chandelier, lamps, wall or any other lighting fixtures. Nut in this form is a good talisman for the Taurus as of laziness, and from the strong surge at work, he will stick to a middle Taurus. Walnut and save him from the extremes in human relations.
Hazel stick for the Taurus — it might just be a fairly long and strong rod, cleaned and polished. It can be stored anywhere, except for the lower shelves, approaching the floor.
Nutty staff can easily do his Taurus likes, promotes opening talents and natural abilities. He drives away from a host of obstacles in the form of «unfortunate circumstances» and overly persistent people. If, upon their request, Staves, it calmly and quickly eliminate interfering privacy Taurus, just as curious as rivals and competitors.
Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Jasmine
If you can have at least an ornamental plant in a pot — a great «nalazhivatel 'privacy Scorpio. The area — it's a nice need for Scorpio. Summer living jasmine flowers in the house — an effective talisman, especially if you recently caught up with a severe disappointment: no revenge to offenders, and put flowers in a vase. So, Scorpio, if not forgotten occurrence, pacify the anger, but a new love affair will not hesitate to come to him. However, Scorpio must be avoided in the perfume odor of jasmine, if he does not want to be provoked by rude and inappropriate actions.
Beam branches, preferably with leaves and flowers — Ward from sudden, unexpected meetings, evil, accidents and dating. It can stand in a vase all the year round as dried flowers. During flowering, it needs to be changed, and the old — burn, ashes scattered on the water or buried in the ground.
Long thin rod — stick or rod of jasmine — think like a conductor in love affairs, bringing success with the opposite sex. But Jasmine staff should never be in the hands of others, and if it does happen, then it is safe to say that the love affair is not clean, that somebody or changes, or is going to do. If a staff in the hands of others broke, it's a sure sign that the couple around too many enemies. In this case, it is necessary to break the rod into the greatest possible number of pieces of his own, each piece wrap in green thread, all folded into a paper bag and burn it, thinking that the enemies run away, like a fire.
Jasmine Tea, presented to friends or lover, actively strengthening relations, protecting cells from infidelity in affairs and in love.
Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Bamboo
Cane or a small rod of bamboo to make a very simple. There are, however, two conditions that the product has become a talisman, A rod or cane must end internodes, at the ends of the cavity are not allowed, and the edges should be rounded. In the backplate must be placed amethyst.
Wand of bamboo — a wand of Scorpio. With some training with such a mascot owner has the opportunity to actively influence others, but the negative impact will turn against the owner, and he experienced all its charms. Thus, rod, stick, „staff“ of bamboo — belonging highly Scorpio, which is already sufficiently left negative emotions.

Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Olive
Wood is the talisman of stress surges, abnormal behavior, as well as the inability to quickly and clearly to take the right decision. Olive can not lose Libra natural flexibility and promotes their long fruitful mental activity. Olive stone should be flushed and cleaned of the pulp, dried and wrapped in paper. This bag let it lie in the casket with jewelry, handkerchiefs, ties, can be stored in a bag or hat box in a hat, gloves, etc. If possible, make olive wood plate, which must be dove, dyed blue. This talisman is worn open, wrapped in a purple cord. The product may only be on the table, on a shelf, etc., but should not fall into the wrong hands. Properties mascot worse when it is inserted at least a tiny amethyst or garnet.
Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Hazel
A vase with dried nuts, dried twigs of hazel in sight, but not shared with other people — good luck charms for Libra. Well, if in a vase with nuts are amethysts and garnets, and no matter whether it is individual stones or jewelry. Decorations can be used, from contact with nuts they become for Libra as a continuation of the property, enclosed in a talisman.
As a talisman, amulet help thin branches of hazel, hidden somewhere in the house, it is better next to a bed, they beware of rashness actions and deeds, teach shrewdness and subtlety of perception.
On a circular plaque of hazel for Aries should portray the above characters and paint over them with the same color. If the oak Obereg best not to drill a hole for the strap, the amulet of hazel could do that. The cord should be red. This amulet in the home must be somewhere on scavenged place, and better if it will be active the sun shines. You can hang it above the window, behind the curtains.
Staff from hazel to be forked at the end. Standing in a prominent place, it prevents theft, deception and flagrant attack on the house and the household, and Aries makes impartial. In addition, he develops a natural ability Aries reveals their gifts, talents, inclinations, does everything that the owner has realized himself in his calling.
Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Rowan
For Libra is good to have a miniature Ash staff adorned with amethyst and garnet, lapis lazuli, and you can use. Staff stores open at least a glass for pencils or pens, but do not want to be touched anyone but the owner. Rowan twig bark should be removed. For Libra is total luck talisman, promoting the social ladder, but if a person is associated with scientific activity, then, under certain conditions, we can hope to make a significant discovery.
Round flat plaque of rowan — amulet of great power: it protects rams from themselves and makes them internally harmonious. Hole for the red cord can do. The best image for Rowan — the dragon. Rowan gives Aries energy of the earth, umiryaet his passion, makes it more peaceful. Warding should be kept in a conspicuous place or carry a can and on top of clothing. He also gives Aries not only the ability to conduct a simple conversation, but also gives diplomatic skills. Especially good for women's ward, which he makes young, long preserved natural beauty.
Ash staff as staffs for other characters, you can keep the house. Should not be allowed to touch other people, as his energy — moon, women, giving Aries creativity of expression, the ability to create new life and a new relationship — always directed only to the owner, only the person who is the owner of the thing.
Staff as guardian can contribute to the gift of foresight and a great inspiration. Ash staff combines the energy of Uranus, Neptune, Sun, Mercury and Moon.
Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Maple
Maple bouquet, gathered in the spring, when the leaves are fresh and green, is stored all year round in a vase: this amulet from ill-health, especially related to depression. Summer always good to have a fresh bouquet of maple branches. In addition, a panel with a maple dove, dyed white, is the mascot of contributing to mental activity, economical expenditure of energy, an easy way out of stressful situations. If the die is kept private, such a talisman is most concerned about social success, and if the product is in sight, it is actively engaging friends, contributing to their disposition, love, care, and condescending attitude to the shortcomings of the owner.
Beam maple twigs, tied with thread or tape yellow-red colors, can be in a dry vase bouquet can be put under the mattress, tucked away in the closet, that is, its storage — the most diverse. He protects the ram out of harshness, relieves stress, helps to find common ground with other people, having a good character qualities of Aries. Standing in a prominent place a small bouquet protects the host against unjust attacks, excessive claims of others and Aries can live peacefully, not allowing strangers into his personal relationships. Maple staff, hidden behind a cabinet or the door is a good conductor aspirations owner, he seems to be paving the way for the accomplishment of Aries. Besides maple staff actively corrects bad character host, of course, if Aries believes that it has such.
Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Pomegranate
Garnet is for Libra guard from various troubles related to emotions and stress. To do this, the dried fruit of the pomegranate hung so that it is visible to all who visit the person. The fruit is best to hang in a silver or gold mesh. In this case, this mascot pleasant meetings, understanding, good will and secular entertainment.
If you need a talisman of love, strong family relationships and at home, which attracts a lot of interesting people, then you need to portray garnet Dies cornucopia. It must be dyed seven colors, you can drill a hole and hang on a gold plate or silver thread chain.
This talisman can carry, you can hang a lamp, chandelier, etc., so that the light was as much as possible.
Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Alder
Alder can be made guardian women, he will make them elegant, charming, put on the ability of secular treatment. For this 42 large alder stems bound with gold thread into a ball and it is suspended from a lamp or chandelier. Tangle to do an even ball. Fine, if you can draw so falcon. This figure can be attached to a transparent tulle or lace curtain. This amulet will bring good luck on a personal level, will involve social success, to facilitate contact with the authorities. This amulet is best to make a Libra.
Make  talismans. Apricot
To make the mascot of infidelity and excessive stress in love affairs, one must take a bone apricot sawed across, always with a pure laid out the core. The two halves of the stone to be connected at their ends, and then to saw a hole through them and thread the white cord. Talisman to keep hidden.

Make amulets and talismans. Pear
Pear can make a lucky mascot. To do this, remove the pears from the fruit of 60 seeds, washed and dried, wrapped in cotton cloth are solid white, blue, pink. You can also sew a tiny bag, and put the stone. If you keep the stone pear hidden with him, you get a lucky mascot. He is especially good for Leva, gives her a lot of nice and useful features.
Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Peach
Peach pit can serve as a talisman and amulet. Of bone to remove the core, rinse well and dry. Will love talisman and amulets from rivals.
Another option: bone neatly divided into two halves on the „seam“, one half hidden, and the other carry. In this case there are love affairs, especially significant for the Virgin.
If this knowledge will lead to marriage, the hidden half will be a great talisman for children Virgo: this half should sew up the soft skin and make the toy.
Make talismans, amulets and talismans. Filbert
You can make a talisman that helps Lions get rid of most of their bad qualities, for example, from unnecessary and brutal authorit

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