Men's amulets (talismans)

You probably already know about the diversity of women's jewelry, charms with our ancestors. Men amulets (men talismans, mascot, wards) were simpler and female, usually performed in a variety of brooches, or clasps coats with symbols of protection. Most of them were solar, or solar signs, but there were brooches decorated three heavens, the sun, the rain and the symbols of the earth. Exactly the same symbols adorned the homes of the Slavs. Some Slavic amulets were produced in the form of plaques in body eight-pointed cross, symbolizing fertility, symbolizing the sun or conventional cross. Were popular, and images of birds, animals and fish, and also as women, pendant with duck or a pair of skates, designed to protect them from home. Well, the best guard from all dangers for man considered fangs and claws of wild beasts.
Men's& amulets (men talismans, mascot, wards) 

 All around the world know that the bear is a natural symbol of Russia, the embodiment of her character, the hero of many tales. But that few know how mystical reverence Bear enjoyed our ancestors. Men's &amulets (men talismans, mascote, wards) in the form of a bear claw or fang considered one of the most powerful magic symbols. When the boy was born in the family, to protect against the evil eye, evil spirits, illnesses bear claw hung over the crib baby. When he grew up, to the health and claw courage outweighed his neck.

Using them now — for example, as a talisman in the car, bear teeth and claws help the driver to concentrate on time and do not let the situation out of control.

Were popular bear claws and the Indians — it was thought that the necklace of which gives the holder a special courage and strength, while the Slavs more revered bear claws and fur as a talisman against the evil eye and spoilage. Bear cult was associated with fertility and rebirth of nature.

 In general, bear claws and fangs were used as amulets and charms the Stone Age, regardless of the mascot in many nations. And for good reason — because with their help you take an ally spirit bear! Bear was required and at weddings. And if you believe the legends of Siberia, the bear claw could even upset the wedding — this witch doctors several times crab a few times on the road, on which the young had to go to church. But in this way it was possible to bewitch lover scratch claw on it. The Slavic legends, right claw bear paw had an extraordinary miraculous power.

Men went to bed, after putting his head under the belt claw bear who guarded his dream and protect from bad luck. But bear canines could help even from back pain.

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