Money talisman How to make and use Money amulet

Money talisman  How to make and use Money amuletMoney talisman (amulet), attracting wealth and financial well-being, interested in people, not only now but also in the past. And though initially as Money talisman (amulet) a  were natural objects — bones, stones or crystals, it is too late magicians began to produce certain items that can attract material wealth in human life. Money talisman and amulet  different in different people, with not only a different form, but even using the different forces of magic. In China, for example, a symbol of prosperity and wealth are considered coins, orange tree or a dragon.

How to make money amulet. Materials

 Slavic Money talisman (amulet)  to attract money symbolized wheat spikelets, the bull, the sun or the earth. So often, these talismans for money look like ears of wheat-related thread of red or green images of the sun, or wooden figurines bull. And since money talismans are good luck talisman, that they could turn on and bells or a horseshoe. In general, the Slavs considered a talisman, bringing good luck, all that, one way or another connected with the horse.

  In Western European countries, the wealth of Money talisman (amulet)  directly associated with the dwarfs and gnomes, who hide their treasures under the ground. And they prevailed talismans symbols rainbow, gold coins, or fairy tale characters. A four-leaf clover is considered one of the most powerful symbols of money and are often used when there was an urgent need to attract good fortune in the affairs or financial condition improved.

  Money talisman (amulet)  are selected based on the characteristics of the person who will own magic item. Christians fit crosses, icons or amulets. People east closest Chinese coins or gold dragons. But the Europeans from the West are perfect plates that bear responsibility for the wealth and income of symbols of the planets and spirits.

  For Scandinavians best Money talisman (amulet)  will be with runic symbols. It can be made of cut tree branches, causing a combination of several runes. But choosing the runic symbols, pay attention not only to the future of the owner, but his financial situation, and always — in nature.

Equally important in the magic of money and have the stones — for example, you can talk and carry on a shoestring malachite. He not only bring good luck and money, but also against the various negative and spoilage.

  But remember — any of the   talisman  and money amulet  must be periodically cleaned and recharged. But best of all for this turn to the magician. By the way, choosing a mascot, the best advice, as in this case
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