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Spellcasting for attract money, good luck, successful career, business and attract customers. 
Magical artifact amp;quot;Money waterfall.amp;quot; Spell to attract money, success, successful career, business and attract customers. magical things soap. occult shop I’m happy to offer you one of the rarest magic items on the market – shower and bath accessories to attract wealth and prosperity. Once these items were just an idea which crossed my mind and which was extremely difficult to implement because I couldn’t figure out how to check their effectiveness. Then I gathered a group of volunteers with a good karma. All of them were poor and their poverty was caused by magic: black witchcraft, curses, hexes.
All those people took part in my experiment voluntarily. I asked them to report on the results on a regular basis. I don’t want to tell you what they wrote me in their emails or how I altered the rituals – their power, charge, combinations – to create the perfect magic shower and bath accessories. I will tell you about the final results: 60% of the volunteers had their salary increased by 400%; over 20% started their own successful business; the rest (mostly female volunteers) married wealthy men who were able to provide a comfortable life to them.
 Importantly, all the positive changes were of continuous nature. The volunteers remained lucky even after they stopped using my magic shower and bath accessories. However, many of them still buy my shower and bath accessories, for they know they will come in handy in case they want to go to a new level of financial wellness.
So, what do my shower and bath accessories include? My magic shower and bath accessories include 3 items, each in an authentic, hermetically sealed, gift package. Note: your box may differ from the one in the picture. My magic shower and bath accessories to attract prosperity include:
“GOLD BAR” – a bar of soap; contains natural banana extracts; attracts money and boosts (or develops, in case a buyer is missing it) money luck.
“DOLLAR” – a bar of soap with a lot of magic powers; contains unique Hawaiian oil; attracts money and boosts abilities to earn money.
“DOLLAR” – an orange bath bomb; cleans the body from the energies of poverty, and mind from the energies of hesitation and indecision.
Such a bath will make you a new person, a person ready to become rich and having a lot of great ideas on how to achieve success.
Isn’t it great to have a plan, business ideas, and the energy to implement them?
I ought to warn you though that none of the items from my magic shower and bath accessory set has protection features. So if you are under the influence of a black poverty curse, first you need to have it removed (I can help you with that), and only after that use my magic shower and bath accessories. Also, my magic bars of soap and bath bombs won’t be able to help those punished by Higher Powers (God) for their greed, pride, dishonesty, or theft. First of all, such people need to change, get rid of their negative thoughts and wishes, stop being jealous, and wish other people ill. My magic items won’t help them until they do that.
Once you change or have your karma cleaned, and take a shower or bath using the accessories from my money-attracting set, magic will start helping you shortly. My magic shower and bath accessory set works as follows: it recodes pure, neutral energies to turn regular people into successful businessmen. With the help of my magic money-attracting set, you can earn as much money as you want.
 Any of the items from my magic money-attracting set can be charged on request. For example, I can charge the energy of career, trade business, or creativity which brings good profits, or ensure that they increase the number of your clients or sales.
 All the items from the set are made on the first day of the growing Moon – the best time for making money amulets. However, you can choose the color or flavor of each item or the whole set.
 Made of natural soap with oils and natural flavors, all the items have no such component as lauryl sulfate, which is dangerous for your skin and mucous tunics, and contain no surface-active materials.
 Unlike many “magic artifacts” which are made in China, my magic items are all handmade. Moreover, each item or the whole set can be customized to suit your energy or the energy of the person you are going to give this set as a gift to put an end to all his financial problems.
 Sometimes, I offer my clients individual protection bath accessories. To find out more about it, contact me. Before creating an individual magic item, I need to diagnose the client’s karma and scan his fate.
My magic items are not for resale. Each of them is unique, and I don’t sell them wholesale. It’s impossible to make two identical amulets and I’m not going to launch mass production. Magic items can’t be mass-produced, so every time you see someone offering you to buy “100 magic rings” or “300 magic shower and bath accessory sets,” you’re just being lied to.
 I’ve never lied to you and I’m not going to. The very concept of “lie” contradicts the rules of the magic school of which I’m an adherent. Thousands of my clients know that already. Now it’s time for you to find it out, too.
If you buy «Money waterfall», additionally you get:

- Ritual spell-activation, ie this thing will cast a magical spell — money spell- on the name of the person.

- You get a photo or video record of casting ritual«remove curse or cleanin chakras spells» and (or) «Powerful money spell»

- Before buying «Money waterfall» I give free of charge advice and tarot reading about your problem&
-Delivery- Free

- You pay only 1 time
Price — 950 $ us
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