Muslim talismans (amulets)

Is itself a kind of Muslim attitudes to magic, on the one hand, it is somewhat similar to the attitude of Christians, the Quran does not approve visits to fortune tellers, witches, magicians, as well as the use of the items they offer, like magic. On the other hand, Muslim &talismans (amulets) are very frequent in countries that preach Islam. The thing is that almost all of the Muslim talismans (amulets) that are in those countries, tightly-tightly linked to the text of the Koran. In fact, the Qur'an can not be created without a real acting talisman because it is effective only word of God, addressed to the people. Even the beads that can be seen in the majority of the Muslims become effective only with the prayer, which is pronounced on each bead.

 And in order to do a talismans (amulet) became one must observe three important conditions. A Muslim must be firmly convinced that God gives strength amulet (talismans). Inscriptions on the talisman, it is either the name of Allah, or verses from the Koran, and, necessarily, in Arabic or another language they understand.

Muslim talismans (amulets)

In all other respects, the action themselves talismans. The purpose for which the Muslim carries a talisman or gives it to a friend, relative, loved similar to those of other denominations. Bestow healing or maintain health, attract good luck in money matters and help preserve wealth. Facilitate and reduce the long journey. Accouchement talent and heir, and even very simple things, such as the safe completion of any were searching.

Perhaps it is the Muslims, the word still retains its original meaning — to reflect the essence of objects, processes, desires and actions. Muslim opens the Koran, confident that he would find the answer to any question, any help in his endeavor, the council, after hearing that, it will only execute.

How could look Muslim talismans (amulets)? Most often it is a small case or box, which can be hung around the neck, in your pocket or mounted on the clothes or put in a special place in the house. Case itself can be made of any material, as long as that in the case is the text of the Koran, sometimes sour, sometimes verse or dua written on paper. This is the object over which the additional energy channel for a given person, or maybe the family home.

Than paper, verses of the Quran can be found on a metal or cloth, then the mascot can be hung on the neck, wrist, or arm above the elbow. The fabric can be made part of the garment or part of a hat, depending on what it is the appointment of the present talismans (amulets).

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