New Year gift

The correct choice of Christmas gift will leave a pleasant feeling in the soul of joy and warmth. Pay attention to the horoscope of loved ones, he will tell you that it is better to buy
ARIES (March 21 — April 20)
When choosing a gift for Aries, try to find out what he was passionate about at the moment. This is not a big deal, since the representatives of the mark has never hidden his hobby. You can even openly asked him what kind of gifts he wants. Rather, Aries prefer a gift that he will be able to try and use it every day to make it a reminder of how you love him. He is unlikely to be happy thing or subject that will stand aimlessly at home. It is desirable to surround the process of giving an aura of mystery. For example, the gift can be packed in several boxes, first in the large, then smaller — and so to the present.
TAURUS (April 21 — May 20)
The representatives of this zodiac sign are constant and practical, beautiful and love at the same time useful things. Taureans like to receive expensive gifts, though he will not submit, if they deem that you appreciate them less than they value themselves. Give them all a solid and reliable. Taurus likes comfort, so the fit subjects, decorating and landscaping life. Do not try to impress and make a special impression — Taurus prefer all preplanned and classical. Remember, the package must not be less refined than the gift itself.
GEMINI (May 21 — June 21)
Gemini do not attach much importance gifts. This is only an application for a pleasant pastime. For the representatives of the sign is more important than the one who presents the gift than the gift, so the above does not have much choice puzzle. Intelligent Gemini will be happy all that broadens the mind. On the package as a gift, they are unlikely to focus attention — much more important is what's inside. Gemini and indifferent to the original detail, souvenirs, empty trifle. The main thing is that the gift was a nice surprise.
CANCER (June 22 — July 22)
Sensitive, tending to hearth and home Cancers can really be moved at the sight of a gift corresponding to their mood and mental impulses. And if you add a touch of romance and mystery, your surprise will be doubly enjoyable. When choosing a present for the representatives of this zodiac sign, try the following principles: the gift should be useful or sentimental, but in any case not extravagant. Cancers linked to the native people and places to past experiences, so a gift that awakens fond memories, will be welcome.
LEO (July 23 — August 23)
When choosing a gift, be guided by the artistic talents and rich nature of Leo. More than any other sign of the zodiac, Leo is important to approach a gift shall be offered, and the process of giving to beat solemnly as possible, with lots of positive comments and compliments. By choosing a creative approach, most importantly — do not skimp. Lions for pleasing those gifts that look elegant, fashionable and aesthetically pleasing. Emptiness and routine call in representatives of this sign boredom and depression, so the design of presentations should be refined.
VIRGO (August 24 — September 23)
Virgo are smart and careful, appreciate all this, natural and practical. Therefore, when choosing a present to observe one important principle: give only what is useful to the economy. Virgo will be especially grateful for the practical items that will facilitate her everyday work. For representatives of this sign is not important brightness packaging gift can just gently draw. Check the warranty sheet and annotations — Virgo reads instructions even to the things you know best features of the inventor. Do not buy gadgets — it's not for Dev to their prudence and frugality, they will not appreciate useless expenses. Do not forget that at heart the representatives of the sign are romantic and soft. Give Virgin what she had long dreamed, but can not buy, that will liberate the soul and senses.
LIBRA (September 24 — October 23)
Libra appreciate all exclusive, for example, unusual gifts, gift book publishing. The main principle — the beauty and grace. Try to choose a gift, so that a little bit surprised, because originality — what really appreciate Libra. So no trivial gifts like chocolates and the like! And the packaging is just as important than the show. Libras prefer witty and warm congratulations. Representatives of this zodiac sign love gifts that are reminiscent of a loved one. It can be a neutral thing, but with a hint clear only two.
SCORPIO (October 24 — November 22)
Scorpio prefers something that will excite long and excite the imagination, so do not give something ordinary and conservative. It would advance to find out what he wants, what secret desire. Do not forget that Scorpio enough Mercantile and prefer tangible gifts, and if they are still with the meaning and hidden meaning, it will be a hit in the «top ten.» Try to make stylish and original gift! In any case it is not presented in bulk, because Scorpio loves mystery and receiving a gift, does not want to know right away what it is.
SAGITTARIUS (November 23 — December 21)
Sagittarius — a philosophy and romance long journeys «in one bottle.» In life they seek to learn more and more in time, love jokes and fun. Therefore, the best gift for Sagittarius — that will expand its horizon, surprise, amuse, and will feel better and smarter. And another tip: give something big, massive. Trinkets and all small, they do not recognize. Sagittarians love to keep yourself in good physical shape, so various sports equipment may well come in handy. Gift prizes should be solemnly, with the value of making the greatest possible emphasis on the merits and achievements of Sagittarius.
CAPRICORN (December 22 — January 20)
Capricorns prefer things for long term use and have practical meaning. And when you consider that the representatives of this sign — serious people, they absolutely should not give anything frivolous or trendy. Requires that gift was in perfect style and high quality. Capricorn appreciate your ingenuity and frugality. Of course, it should not be something quite cheap, but always useful. Capricorn prefers the other thing that is more practical, more useful, more quality. Try to advance to inquire about his plans and dreams. Representatives of this sign usually reticent in feelings, but you know can trust to dream about the desired gift. Give the items that will be in only one. Do not forget to include a card with warm words. On the gift can make a monogram — for Capricorn is important that he is now the owner of all this stuff.
AQUARIUS (January 21 — February 19)
Representatives of this sign — creative people, who prefer practicality originality. Aquarians are addicted to all non-traditional and cutting-edge, have a love for the unusual, while remaining indifferent to the material values. Therefore, choosing a gift, try to surprise and impress, buy something that will give food for thought and be creative. Give a gift, remember that Aquarians like when someone shares their joy. Please note that in your best interest not to give these things you can not share with friends. Take out the packaging as something otherworldly, and presented with a gift overtones, with a hidden meaning — Aquarians love it.
PISCES (February 20 — March 20)
Pisces are romantic and dreamy, so that the gift must be magical. They love all the transcendent and mysterious, so the presenter should give food to imagination and be such that, left alone, could enjoy them as much as you want. Representatives of the mark interesting subject that will cascade of emotions or pleasant memories. Many fish like East — you can choose them something in oriental style. Gifts associated with the element of water, also will like. Packaging should be multilayered: Fish just love that when they unwrap wrapper for wrapping, playing their imagination.

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