Piercing jewelry - unusual amulets

&It turns out that for the piercing jewelry is loved not only the modern girl. For many centuries in different cultures as a talisman of earrings and charms, which also adorned the women. Earlobes, eyebrows, noses, lips, tongues pierced men. Today a strange desire prodelyvat a hole — it fashion or a way to draw attention to himself. Earrings for ancestors were not only embellishment, a whim, but a way to protect themselves from enemies and misfortunes. As an amulet-processed pieces of stone, wood, animal teeth. Piercing created unique culture.
Earrings in the ancient world
Piercing jewelry at various times had symbolic value. For example, in ancient Rome earring testified subordinate position in society. It was a mark of a slave. Ring in his left ear had to wear a jester in the royal courts. Pirates wore earrings in the ears, as guardian of the higher powers, which was protected from marine disasters and bring good luck. Every time swimming across the equator, the sailors hung in the new ear earring. Russian women often gave her lover earrings to save them from death in battle. The Cossacks had a custom ears pierced boys. Child with the decoration was in a special position. Ataman was reported to protect it.
In the form of animals
In ancient Greece, ornaments worn mainly by women. Jewelry for body piercings of boys talking about effeminate. Thus it was possible to determine the sexual identity of men. Wearing earrings with animalistic motifs in the form of various animals was a sign of worship to the gods. Attribute of the supreme god Zeus was an eagle, the goddess Hera was depicted with a peacock. Neptune is always accompanied by a horse. Talisman worn as a sign of reverence for the divine power. For his obedience to people's expectations of the gods protect and gifts.
Jewelry made of pearls
Earrings in the ears of primitive body piercing jewelry can give detailed information about the woman, her family status, status and even age. Various external attributes can attract the opposite sex. This property has earrings of pearls. Long pearl earrings worn by women of African Masai, Samburu. In Samburu tribe double string of pearls would bring luck sons who reached the age of war. Worn under the marks of shells provide protection against water element. Jewelry from ostrich eggs were meant to endow men force hunter. Available materials such as palm fiber, turned girls into Weaver.
It is the most popular piercing piercing earlobes. Why are the most relevant place exactly ears, nose or stomach? There are two explanations for this popularity ears. First, the ear lobes are not as vulnerable and sensitive as the rest of the body. Wounds heal faster. They are in plain sight and it does not interfere with its owner. But there is another secret reason. Piercing ears improves visual acuity. This is not a myth, a fiction, but a reality. Tibetan monks tried using acupuncture point increase in visual acuity on the earlobe. Over such subtlety hardly think stellar holders piercing, piercing all the cartilage of the ear.
Spiking eyebrows
Spiking eyebrows covered in the 70-ies. XX century, as part of the punk piercing. Wearing earrings in eyebrows — a custom which adopted hippie peoples of Amazonia, New Guinea. As eyebrows were rods, studs, rings, and jewelry made of precious stones. Initially, at the time of scarring put ring, which is then replaced by a decoration. Modern lovers piercings are not even aware that the decoration with a nail or a pebble on the outside has a magical power. Animal figurines, pendants, semicircles, zodiac signs protect owners from eye diseases.

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