Precious metals and the type of character

Just ask any woman what her more precious metal like gold or silver, and instantly receive a response. Most people clearly prefer one metal to another. And it's not just the monetary value. Metals attract a woman with unique physical and metaphysical properties. The healing power of precious metals and stones known for centuries, and that is why they are called ornaments for the soul. What the properties of precious metals? They can help women's health, to bring love and prosperity in the family.
Metaphysical properties of gold and silver
Precious metals, such as stones and crystals have their own distinctive metaphysical properties that can be used to advantage. In a few words, gold is masculine energy of the sun, and silver — the feminine energy of the moon. Balance is an important concept in astrology. After all, the universe is a balanced ensemble of opposing forces acting together. Therefore, people need to find a balance between opposing forces in his personality. Understanding the personality traits associated with each metal, will also help understand where a preference for one of the metals.
Gold and its special qualities
The beauty of gold is mostly on its color and luster. This is the most ductile (meaning that it can be stretched without breaking) and ductile of all metals, and can be processed in a very thin translucent sheets. He is quite resistant, making it ideal for the manufacture of jewelry. From ancient times to modern times, gold has been one of the most precious metals. He even thought the metal gods. It is due to its color and the value of it is associated in many cultures with the Sun. Thus, gold is useful for those who are aware that he has lost his focus, his individuality and personality.
Silver and its special qualities
Silver, although less valuable than gold, also has special physical characteristics that make it a precious metal. It is very ductile and malleable, but also lends itself to polishing. It is a very good conductor of electricity and heat. Silver have long been used for the manufacture of coins, utensils, and now it is used in many fields: electronics, medicine, etc. Many women prefer buying silver jewelry because it is cheaper than gold. But the main reason — love white color of the moon. It is for the most part accept female principles, including perception, education, motherhood, the ability to give life, imagination, mindset sensuality. The moon reflects the sunlight, lighting the way into the night.
silver  jewelry
Experts in the field of astrology have noticed that many women prefer silver to gold, in his astrological chart have a greater propensity to cancer, as well as the energy of water. They absolutely intuitively drawn to lunar energy is embodied in silver. But for many women is more useful to wear gold, because it emphasizes the determination and self-expression, and gives too soft nature some strong masculine. On the other hand, if a woman and so he has lived «on fire», her schedule is extremely tense, and around the problem, then it is better to wear silver: it will become more feminine and wise.
Difference between the sexes
As can be seen, does not mean that if the gold — a male metal, it should be worn by men and vice versa. It is often useful for men to wear silver to support their intuition, creativity and imagination, which are so characteristic of the female character. However, if a man and so takes too many features of the Moon, the Sun he needs: it will give him more energy and strength, which is important to achieve a balance. In the end, as you can see, the price does not matter when buying jewelry. And along with other elements of metal jewelry selection also deserves special attention, because it helps to improve the quality of life and improvement of the individual.

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