Sagittarius stone talisman

Sagittarius — the sign of a dual entity. In it, these entities are not in conflict, they support each other, letting Sagittarius lead a life of overactive. But that this activity is not only waste energy, but useful, give a good result requires additional external forces. Sagittarius stone talisman used for this purpose, rather than one, but several, depending on whose assistance would be now in place and the time.
 But it never hurts to health, due to the rapid life, Sagittarius spends it too quickly. Sometimes he misses the quiet, detached view of life and events, and it happens that it leans depression is usually due to the fact that another of its Project was a «dummy», another friend gave, and was not a friend of a friend. Sagittarius stone talisman will carry, will comply with the necessary rules and ceremonies, precisely and thoroughly — so effective is his second nature. Ready to organize a revolution in any place and at any time, Sagittarius loves protocol, and will observe it to the last point, apparently, is because of the desire to somehow organize their lives, or at least to imagine that this is possible.
Sagittarius zodiac sign mascot
 To what mascots drawn Sagittarius. Opal helps when the black bar is tightened, and discouragement threatens to turn into depression. Pomegranate forms a smooth, because he prefers Sagittarius sharp turns along the way. Blue quartz, sometimes it just needs to Sagittarius, especially when his life goes insanely high speed, and the risks to go into the dressing. Musketeers are often accused of inconsistency, it applies to places and people, especially when it comes to the opposite sex, that would not bring the situation to the disaster, needs amethyst. Sodalite, it should also be used in an emergency, for example, when anger gets out of control, or when there is a need to be careful in dealing with people, not among the most enjoyable features of Sagittarius is excessive straightforwardness. Thus, it is possible to balance or order the lives of representatives of the mark.
 One of the stones needed for Sagittarius certainly turquoise, the knowledge of truth and self-improvement, it's just that, which is the essence of Sagittarius. All his actions, including impulsive and illogical, and at times, paradoxical, just the tiles, a huge picture of the world that Sagittarius is known through his own life.

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