Signs talismans

Talismans — it subjects as sacred and not to put on them and without signs. Currently, the signs are used to create charms and attraction of certain events — the attraction of money, health, success and love.
 For millennia, writing and characters were fantastic, almost magical art, concealed and retained by magicians and the privileged classes. Currently practiced energy theory of signs on talismans. Considered particularly important, not just signs charms and charging them — bringing the magical energy on a certain subject.
Signs talismans
 Doubt that all the rules made and charged mascot will have a hard enough, almost none. But a random item can be a talisman rare. Although, if some thing just okolduet you at first glance, it can already be considered a talisman. In other cases, you can be guided in their choice of mascot sign of the zodiac.
Aries charms intended to reinforce it and help him become a stronger person. Great talisman for Aries can be gold, red and yellow squares and green colors in a key fob.
Mascots Taurus — the sign of wisdom, prosperity and good judgment will protect the sign from detractors. And the best suited for this purpose, or a bull elephant in the form of plush toys, wooden and bronze statues. Please note only — Taurus should avoid products made of ivory.
Gemini charms help make new connections and become more sociable. It is best suitable for this purpose a silver or golden key that can open all the doors and hearts.
 Cancers, as expected, will help mascots mean crayfish and crabs. But this choice is not limited — Raku perfect and crystal or silver crafts and mirrors, fans, umbrellas, and even playing accessories (eg, cards or bingo).
Lion mascot in the form of valuable things — medals and ribbons, old coins will help to strengthen your intuition and lead to success. Perfect Lions and figurines of eagles and lions.
 Weights, so they need to come to harmony, certainly fit the talismans in the form of weights. Best of all, if the scales are made of silver. Let this be a small figure, a talisman, and Libra counterbalance any vibration.
But the Scorpion mascot is a frog — a symbol of reason, updates and fertility. Or do you want to develop psychic abilities? Get a secret microphone!
 Sagittarius favors Scarab — a symbol of new life, longevity and loyalty. Acquiring jasper Scarab, you will gain confidence in their abilities.
Turtle helps Capricorn for composure and patience, to find strength and stability. And to rush upstairs, get yourself a miniature ladder.
Aquarius is a defender angel figurine, made of glass or porcelain. Angel Aquarius will exacerbate natural intuition.
But for Pisces best mascot — all related to water. Welfare yield figures of fish, and joy, and peace will give the shells.

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