Silver talismans (amulets)

Silver from ancient times is the magic and power metal, so silver talismans (amulets) are extremely popular. And this is no accident — it can withstand silver and reflects a lot of energy attacks, absorbs all negativity. And even if you do not wear jewelry, but you like the metal and will be meeting and unpleasant for you, just bring any silver thing and put it in a bag or pocket, preferably — from the heart.

Silver is very easy to charge any of the programs, and so when you pick up your favorite dress or earrings, a ring or silver amulet, just try to think about good things. You will be surprised, feeling every magical protection. Even known that silver is able to collect and empower people with their energy and their own way. That is the silver figures of birds or animals perfectly capture the character of the owner of the animal depicted on the amulet.
There is another remarkable ability in this metal. Silver can compensate energy duodenum and stomach. Most of the diseases of these organs are directly related to lack of energy and nervous system. A silver just takes off from the solar plexus of the negative and redistributes it to safe proportions throughout the body. But this requires a very pure metal, high grade.
Silver amulet (talismans)

 Silver amulets (talismans) used to cure stomach, are on a very long line — at the level of the stomach, under your clothes. It is desirable that the amulet tightly to the affected area. You can even try to fix it tight underwear or elastic bandage. This amulet can be worn for a long time, taking off only at night, washed with water and put in place well-ventilated. The fact that the energy of the air perfectly cleans silver and recharges it.

 If you have already purchased a silver amulet (talisman), it is advisable to recharge a bit. On the growing moon, place the box amulet, and let it soak for at least one night. You'd be surprised how much to increase the power of the amulet.

There are also situations where the need to clean the silver items. Particularly urgent is the need to do if you feel better or worsened after a meeting with you to a very unpleasant man. Clean the silver amulet is as easy as charging it — just under running water. If the case is very heavy, put the amulet for 5 days in a bowl with salt. Only then when you take it in hand — tune mentally to something very good.

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