Stone your luck

The luckiest stones — those that are passed down from generation to generation. A good mascot — a stone, received as a gift from a loved one that suits you and not only by the sign of the Zodiac, and the type of character. Most trouble bringing stolen and found stones: the more experienced man who had lost them, the more harmful they are to the new owner. If the stone is obtained by dishonest means, as soon as possible to get rid of him, until he has done harm. Enough to remember all the doubters known large diamonds, bringing misery to all the owners.

Just bought a stone not carry any magical power, and, like any creature he first has to get used to the owner, and only then to defend it.
All of the above applies primarily to the diamond: only given, it brings good luck, money, protects virtually all diseases and the evil eye. The sad fate of the first owners of large rare diamonds passed through the ages. Unhappy are all the diamonds obtained by dishonest means: the more the diamond, the more negative impact and it can annoy more than any other stone. Of such diamonds to stay away and always found to get rid of the stones. Offender diamond always brings bad luck, and if danger threatens beloved owner, its brilliance dims dramatically. Gazing at the diamond, the ancient soothsayers predicted the future, in addition, it was believed that the contemplation of the diamond improves mood and calms the pain. Diamonds are milled into powder, called the strongest poisons — angry wife without regret to part with their precious things, to get rid of unloved husbands. Sometimes husbands do die from something and treacherous women judged according to the law «for the poisoning of the diamond.» According to one of the eastern legends of the warring parties will win the one that owns the largest diamond — the way, in this tradition believed Napoleon. As a mascot diamond rings and bracelets are worn on the left arm and in the suspension or necklace around her neck. In earrings and brooches from the diamond is of little use.

Unlike diamonds rubies almost always «love» their owners — the other question as well. It is believed that rubies strengthen all feelings and passions in man: kind and generous they are doing more kinder, evil turn into a tyrant. In addition, Ruby saves from wounds and darkens, if the owner is in danger. People who prefer ruby would not trade him for any other stone. So, Mary Stuart did not want to part with their rubies, even during execution. Rubies also help with unrequited love. Check his magic power man is very simple — to give Ruby, preferably large, his beloved. If her heart is thawed, then they were right the ancient sages and Stone really helped.

Sapphire, on the contrary passion cools and helps unfaithful lover. According to one of the legends of Persian whole earth rests on a giant sapphire and sky — his reflection. Sapphire is a stone of fidelity, modesty, chastity, it improves memory, increases the thirst for knowledge, protect against slander, attracts the owners are friendly attitude of the people around them. Sapphire has always been a stumbling sailors, treasure of mermaids, with which they lured sailors to their networks. In addition, Sapphire — stone lovers and sages.

Emerald — stone centenarians its luster contains a secret, and if you do it very much, «Stone Isis» will reveal the truth. But to every rule there are exceptions: the stone of chastity was a favorite of Cleopatra and Nero, who, according to legend, there was even a bit of emerald lorgnette. People sleeping with emerald, more dreams come true, and the powder of emerald — the ancient healing potion. It was believed that he protects from all contagious diseases from the bites of poisonous snakes, eye diseases, as well as the lies, longing, and the disease of love. And if the «right» stone bored excesses host, it may, as a protest, without warning, break. After Emerald — stone only wise and dispassionate people.

Aquamarine — sailors mascot. Like sapphire, a stone lovers and long conjugal happiness. He calms passions, increases loyalty, but only when presented to the lover or beloved.
The passions and torments of love liberates and Topaz — their pets it gives a serene mood, strengthens friendship, drives anger, malice and infidelity, protects against insomnia and the evil eye, bring money and loyalty superiors. Ancient Greek sages claimed that topaz makes his master invisible in danger. Topaz has always been a stumbling travelers: it was thought that it changes color near the poisoned food and drinks. But its most valuable feature is that it helps to solve a host of enemies and evil plans to prevent any intrigue.

Once grenades also defended travelers (and now tourists respectively) away from home. According to legend, in ancient Asia with red garnet bullets did — it was believed that the pomegranate, got into the wound, it corrodes. This talisman protects the host against accidents and nightmares, ignites such passion that they sometimes turn against the owner. At the same time, this stone is customary to give a sign of friendship and appreciation — sometimes called the «stone of honesty.» He really loves honest people, so if you have a favorite stole grenades rest assured — it is for you to take revenge.
Pearls are usually just like the owners and does not steal itself pearl jewelry adored ancient Queen Semiramis and Cleopatra. Pearl brings health and longevity of their mistresses, helps to predict the future, which, however, is not always helping them.

Amazingly lucky stone «living» turquoise, with one exception — it does not like mean people serious trouble he does not bring, but much mischief. Turquoise keep peace in the family, stop fights, rescues from the evil eye and other people angry, helps financially. Among other things, turquoise — a symbol of the real, true love.

With amber life becomes more fun, protects against many diseases, damage and the evil eye. This is a very «happy» stone: it helps to see the happy dreams and cures for insomnia. Amber — the mascot of kids: it brings them health.

Interestingly, all the variety of quartz with different colors and names — completely different mascots. Clear quartz — rock crystal free from nightmares, does not freeze in winter and sharpens intuition. This is one of the main tools of professional fortune-tellers. For a long time staring into a crystal ball, which falls on the only ray of light in a dark room, a fortune teller sees the past and the future. For beginners soothsayers very dangerous mix rock crystal with smoky quartz — it distorts vision and is a stone of visionaries and addicts.

Amethyst — Stone of piety, a strong antidote against drunkenness, from it once made wine goblets. In addition, the change in the color he troubled travelers. Them make more freckles and put under the pillow to see the happy dreams. Amethyst is the love of the giver and brings good luck. He showed that the healing properties, it can not be worn at all times. Sometimes it is worn in memory of the deceased spouse, making stone «eternal, faithful love» is often referred to as «the widow.»

Yellow citrine — the best assistant adventurer, black morion — Necromancer: it provides a link to it with the other world. Cat and tiger's eye — these bodyguards: they not only sharpen intuition, but grave danger heavier on the fingers, grasping clothing and strongly «interfere» when they want to inform the owner.

Properties of the stones are unpredictable and, before choosing «the» stone him to watch a little bit — maybe the wrong you have to love rock and suitable refuse to obey. If you already have a mascot, it is useful to remember loved ones who has no guard: after happiest stones that are immediately mascots — donated. The main thing — do not let yourself be deceived by purchasing a mascot, if you assume, buy instead of one or the other gem, worse, glass. Achieve from such a stone of miracles will be very difficult.

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