Stones talismans

Stones longest natural talismans capable of holding power, born of human interaction. And that is why the belief that the stones charms possess magical powers, thousands of years.

Interestingly, it was noted that the stolen stones have negative energy will be purchased only as black mascots for several years, but the stones, donated or transferred by inheritance, possess true properties mascot. But you can still breathe life and bought a stone, if you want it, and it has become your talisman.
To enhance the effect of the gemstone, you need to get in touch with him. Of course, the first condition - that you liked the stone and looked nice. If you do not like the stone in appearance - it is best not to wear on any other options he would not be appropriate. At best, this will not cause intimacy between you, and at worst - may show negative feedbacks, bad for the owner of the talisman
Know that the stones are not indifferent to the sex of the owner. Female stones are unhappy for a man's hand, and vice versa - men - to women. But how to distinguish between male and female is a stone? Men stones mascots have more shine and warm colors, while the female is not as bright, and most of them have cool colors.

Stones talismans

In order not to be mistaken with a choice suitable for you stones talismans need to know not only the stone according to the sign, which often depends on the country, but also to decide what you would like to receive from a particular stone. And no doubt that a more efficient operation of your mascot needs fine tuning of your energy on the vibration waves of stone. In this case, you will be working "on the same wavelength" with passing through the stone cosmic rhythms. But it is necessary to seek professional help.
- Each of the stones has inherent mysterious properties, and if you need a magic effect of the mascot, try to navigate in our list:
- Agate - a symbol of longevity
- Aquamarine - hope and failure
- Diamond - innocence
- Amethyst - peace of mind
-  Alexander - a good start
- Almandine - loyalty and devotion
-Turquoise - good luck and success
- Pomegranate - fidelity and constancy
- Emerald - happiness in love
- Opal - unfortunately
- Ruby - sorrow in love, forgetting
- Sardonyx - happiness in marriage
- Sapphire - to repent
- Topaz - friendship
- Chalcedony - tender feelings
- Peridot - Health
- Chrysoprase - changeable fortune
- Jasper - restraint and courage
But do not take it too seriously, and do not dispose of opal, having read that it brings bad luck. Who knows? Maybe it is for you - happy!

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