Stones talismans zodiac signs

You want to know what kind of stone is your mascot and bring you good luck? Astrologers have long pointed out that the stones charms zodiac signs tend to have a positive impact on the people born under this constellation, and vice versa — a stone that does not match the sign of the zodiac, and may have a negative impact on the fate and health.
Choosing a stone talisman, be sure to consider his fate. Be extremely wary of the old stones, passed on from generation to generation. The fact is that if this stone was once stolen, because he killed people or something like that, even if these stones by zodiac charms fit you, in which case it can be harmful, as the bears negative energy. So before you wear a talisman, take it to a psychic and see the aura of the stone.
Stones charms zodiac signs
ARIES (21.03-20.04)
Aries will bring happiness to these stones like ruby and diamond and cut diamond, or diamond, protection from disease, to bring good luck and give courage. Ruby will bring love and happiness in love, protection master lightning, floods and poison.
TAURUS (21.04-20.05)
Mascots Taurus — sapphire and turquoise. Turquoise will bring you happiness in love and loyalty and give sapphire protect against slander, enhance wisdom and strengthen memory.
GEMINI (21.05-21.06)
The twins are the best fit beryl stones and agate. Agate is associated with health, is an excellent protector against negativity. Beryl — Solar Stone — give loyalty and love and will protect your life in traveling.
CANCER (22.06-22.07)
Stones Cancer — pearl and moonstone. Moonstone, or villages, is well known in love magic, it perfectly relieves stress and helps to avoid conflicts. But pearls perfectly protects the pangs of unrequited love.
LEO (23.07-23.08)
 Lions should wear talismans with chrysolite or amber. Peridot will help to strengthen the spiritual forces and give the gift of clairvoyance, protect you from a variety of risks and return the joy of life. Amber is a beautiful comforter in sorrow, it makes it easier and gives hope.
 VIRGO (24.08-23.09)
Mascots Dev — carnelian and jade. And if Jade strengthens energy and protects against disease brings family happiness. Carnelian great wealth attracts and develops talent.
 LIBRA (24.09-23.10)
 For Libra fit lapis and opal. Opal is one of the most powerful stones, symbolizing new beginnings, hope and faithfulness. Lapis promotes happiness in love, bring joy and peace, clears negative emotions.
 SCORPIO (24.10-22.11)
 Alexandrite, aquamarine and bring happiness Scorpios. Aquamarine from ancient times symbolized happiness in marriage, and Alexander helps predict future misery and misfortune.
 SAGITTARIUS (23.11-21.12)
Amethyst and topaz as amulets bring happiness Shooters. Amethyst attracts love and opens the heart to the senses, while the Topaz brings back hope and prosperity.
CAPRICORN (22.12-20.01)
 Onyx and garnet — Capricorn stones. Onyx is generally considered one of the most powerful talismans, giving power and clarifying the mind. But the pomegranate — mascot lovers. It attracts love, brings success and good fortune.
 AQUARIUS (21.01-19.02)
 You Aquarius? Then your stones — chrysoprase and zircon. Zircon great help in trade, gives confidence and hope, sharpens intuition. Chrysoprase Aquarius protect against the evil eye and other magical negative impacts.
 PISCES (20.02-20.03)
Pisces stones — coral and emerald. Emerald dispel negativity and cleanse the aura, strengthen marital ties and help procreation. Coral is able to guard against the dangers and gives longevity, helps to easily transfer changes.

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