Talisman (amulet) Sagittarius with stone

Talisman (amulet) Sagittarius — mostly amethyst. This stone will Sagittarius luck in hunting, guarding him from drinking. Peridot will prevent this sign from road adventures, and Topaz helps with the favor of others. But this is all very important for Sagittarius — he brash and bold, arrogant and beautiful. Sagittarius is willing to travel, love to hunt and horses, with the passion of dancing and talking.

Talisman (amulet) Sagittarius
The ancients believed that the amulet in the form of amethyst has the greatest force. The Greeks believed that the name of this stone was nymphs Amethyst — beloved of Dionysus. But nymph rejected his advances, loving musician Apollo. When Dionysus, humiliated to the core, ran after her, a nymph called to the aid Artemis Amethyst to turn to stone. Since this stone was named amethyst. And in honor of Dionysus, the rejected stone that gave power to protect people from drinking.

This stone was a favorite of the ancient people, and because it helps in the hunt, in sports and business. Wore it as the Greeks and Egyptians. But its unusual properties resemble writing on clay tablets.

There is also another great legend associated with amethyst. It is believed that this stone can cause a feeling of love for the giver. Therefore, women married or betrothed to an beware of such a gift.

 In Rome it was believed that the amulet (talisman) of sagittarius as amethyst brings good luck, good and quiet. He is capable and calm nerves, and to settle disputes. Amethyst rings were the first of the Christians, and only later this custom came to the bishops and priests. Made of amethyst and clear. In the nineteenth century amethyst were jokingly referred to as the stone chronic bachelors. There was even a custom — the prohibition of the gift of jewelry for young girls and young wives.

 By the way, there is still a great talisman (amulet) Sagittarius — this salamander. Salamander as Sagittarius — fiery nature. And she was one of the most mysterious creatures in the Middle Ages, and in Ancient times… Then consider that in order to maintain the equilibrium of the world, in all the elements of nature must have its living creatures.

Salamander and honored in alchemy, portraying her as a small lizard or dragon, but without the wings of fiery tongues. Symbolized the salamander and chastity, and poverty carnal desires. In Christianity it was a symbol of virtue and unwavering faith.

Talisman is a symbol of salamanders can help you indigestion, migraines and women's pain, hearing loss and allergies. Lovely clean this talisman karma and chakra. But this is not a talisman for indecisive people. Therefore, Sagittarius, as people going ahead, Salamander fit just perfectly.

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