Talisman Aquarius

aquarius talisman aquarius amulet shop storeNoisy rebel, people are drawn to it, it is good, but after a while people turn away from it — is too unstable, living a dream of change, but not one of his revolutionary ideas to realize it is not given. On the other hand, what can be expected from the air stream, which can bring rain, and maybe — a storm, but if get lost, bring snow on the equator. Talisman of Aquarius, the ability to direct energy in the right direction.
 But behind all this is Uranus, the first of the first in the universe, the father of the gods, overthrown and torn into thousands and thousands of parts. Scattered in search of the whole, foreboding knowledge, not knowledge itself, the essence of which appeared earlier than any words and concepts. Talisman Aquarius is necessary, first of all, to the fact that to be able to understand and be understood.
Where there is not enough knowledge, Aquarius takes intuition, because premonition causes and context of the world. The main disadvantage of any Aquarius unclear purpose, it even has its own ideal, sometimes unable to describe, but as soon as a person who Aquarius decipher his actions, the latter internally collected and already makes a meaningful, high deeds — he is a great man.
Talisman Aquarius
 Speaking of Aquarius, prepare all the air. Angels and butterflies, birds and balloons, bright, lively, rushing into the sky. To life Aquarius made sense, he needs confidence and direction, which give an icon and a key, key mascots for the people of this sign, let alone given the key will not steel, for it is too hard metal of his Aquarius can get hurt, more suitable for this tin.
Aquarius will bring happiness garnet and zircon. They will support the health of the owner, a good mood and friendly relations with the people. It should be remembered that the garnet very «affectionate» the stone should be worn continuously or as often as possible. Without the host garnet fades and loses brightness. Zircon sharpens the mind and sharpens intuition owner, which allows us to achieve great success in science and public life.
 For proper life of Aquarius in the house have to be flowers, but not easy and flowers unique needs, such as dracaena gotsefa, its silvery, almost white leaves tuned to all that is pure, calm, can, on its white background, consider the smallest details, and details.
 Violet, narcissus, myrtle, wormwood — wild, but extending to a man flowers, delicate flavor, a kind of beauty, and the specific structure can calm the excited energy flows, to guide them in the right way, which sometimes is necessary for such unbalanced people, as representatives of the mark.

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