Talisman Libra

Month, when activated by the constellation of Libra, always a time of soul-searching, in turn, leads to tension and stress. The people born under this sign are constantly in this state. And in his constant search for harmony they need very often they are looking for a powerful talisman Libra.
Libra are natural philosophers, and in their desire to find the truth always manage to put into question any judgment. But at the same time, they possess the ability to instantly give up his claim, so many people believe them, or charming, or unprincipled. But they are very little concerned about his reputation, always listening to himself. And best of all would be if their temperament and passion for experimentation will be directed not to the people, and the stones, charms.

Best Talisman Libra

Real Talisman Libra — is opal stone toy. This stone is a real contender in the Libra volatility and the ability to charm. And although it is contraindicated almost all signs, Libra, communicating with opal, sate your need to change, become calm and balanced. It is best if the talisman in the form of opal is framed in gold. Actions such disgrace, have on balance and Labrador, and other ocellar field strings.
Suitable Weights and sapphire. This stone sober judgment. And choosing a shade of sapphire is better to prefer the bright blue-green. This color will help to soften the heart of Libra. Generally, Libra better remember that they are not the final authority in this world, and they, more than any other character, able to feel the effect of their actions. And the key to their tranquility just become sapphire talisman, faceted heart-shaped.
Dark blue lapis lazuli stone for Libra is justice since time immemorial. His expressive and deep color symbolize wisdom of heaven. There is even a legend that the Mosaic tablets were made from lapis lazuli.
Libra is the mascot and the book as a repository of divine wisdom. There is an image of the book and in the mineral world, and this stone — granite work or so-called Jewish rock.
There is one fairly extravagant talisman for Libra — swallowtail. It is a stone formed in the twinning of crystals — quartz, calcite, and beryl. This mascot is a symbol of freedom, a home and kindness.
 Libra is always worth paying attention to your most painful organs — kidneys. And the charms of Libra are in this case two stones — jade and jadeite. They have their names and destinations are connected with the kidneys.

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