Talisman Gemini

Unpredictability and volatility, and everlasting uncertainty accompanies Gemini throughout life, he can not decide whether he wants something or not, turn left or right, a friend of the person he or foe. That goes from him to those with whom he interacts, he always puts them in their delusion transformations. Any talisman twins created specifically for the sign, and the rest, you need to think before you buy it for yourself.

And once upon a time they were twin brothers, Castor and Pollux, the heroes who accompanied Jason in the campaign for the Golden Fleece, on account of their many feats, but the tragic death of one, forced the second to conclude a contract with the strange gods, and now they are no longer destined to meet. When one goes, the other is sure to be hidden. Talisman twins - a sign of people residing in the search, in thought, in doubt. They are always short of its second half, but they have a lot of talent, which, again, can be manifested in two ways.

Talisman Gemini

In order to make this internal whirlwind washed and order required magical intervention. Key charms Gemini, a mask and a hand, they allow you to control mood swings and not to change the chosen direction. Unique talisman that helps Gemini is key, gold or silver, suspended as a pendant or on a key chain, or tie clip to partake of the ease of communication, be correctly understood, to avoid arguments and empty oaths, thus greatly facilitate the already , the complex lives of people of this sign. On the desktop, it is recommended to have a nice desk set, a diary and a globe, and in the house of a bicycle or roller skates.
Gemini  need of stones agate, it gives courage, serenity, confidence in the choices made. To place will chrysoprase, it helps to cope with stress and depression, aligns internal imbalance. If you insert it in the bracelet will be saved from the evil eye, damage and evil tongues. No harm will be blue beryl, especially if the activity is related to thoughts, philosophy and humanities sciences.
 The flora has twins use lavender, then, despite the duality of nature will be easier to find common ground with people. mascot twins to compensate past mistakes and trouble associated with the past. Talisman will avoid empty of people and surface attachment, do not allow to be used in the wrong, selfish purposes, which brings clarity to the mind, allows us to look deeper into things, events, and relationships.

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