Talisman Virgio

Speaking of the Virgo and the people who were born under this sign, you should first of all talk about the thoroughness, prudence and care about people. Her emotions, the emotions of a woman who cares about all the people immediately, and the family, and especially the children. Maiden talisman associated with the execution of these women's functions. Her aspirations for health, satiety, confidence in the future of its wards. The symbol of the virgin — an owl, made of plaster or clay — simple materials that are known to the people from the very beginning of time.
 Talisman of the Virgo, and of the whole set of items, which includes simple household items, plants and stones, having them with you, people born under this sign will perform their usual duties the best way, while maintaining discretion and coolness of mind. Earthly framework enables Virgo achieve your goals, whether it concerns a career, a family business, or just, or just the family. You should not argue with the Virgo, she still gets its way, through focused and balanced approach.

Real Talisman Virgo

Virgos look out for and influence star Fekda, Megrets, Alioth, Alkafar and others. With their help, Virgo recognizes hostile schemes and manages to protect themselves and their families, including those from the financial side. Intuition and sociability gathers around a large number of friends. And like any woman, Virgo tends to beauty, it will arrange well house, filling it with all sorts of beautiful, useful, and not trinkets.
Required talisman for Virgo made of jasper, jade and carnelian. The last two being particularly affect the host, it can always be in the form, as the Virgin do not have time for illness. Jasper should be set into silver and keep to yourself, and if it is a virgin woman, the mascot promotes safe pregnancy and eliminates the female illnesses. Along with this, it will be useful for the Virgin things out of clay and plaster, plaster figurines will please the eye and lift the spirits, and clay cooking utensils — one of the first items in any home.
In selecting plants, Virgo, again holds utility. She likes dill and parsley, ginseng, mandrake, lavender and mint. To make powerful Virgo talismans  of wood, you should pay attention to the pine and willow, but will be valuable helpers and most fruit trees, pear, apple, apricot, peach. Talismans made of them, contribute to the maintenance of good mood of the Virgin, her well-being, as well as, getting rid of disturbing thoughts and depression.

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