Talisman wealth

talisman wealth If you have a stone that is suitable for the role of the mascot, you can not even charge it — such stones can work themselves, while creating a favorable environment for attracting money. And these stones — just a huge choice. But to choose the talisman wealth in the form of stone, it is best to focus on with your zodiac sign. So what are the stones will bring its owner wealth?

Talisman wealth for your  rich

 For those born under the sign of Taurus, the great talisman of wealth — the Amazon. It will help more diligent housekeeping, teach thrift and savings. And with few resources it can even give the appearance of wealth. Amazonite can wear all the time — it will never do any harm.
 For Sagittarius perfect turquoise — a stone of happiness and victory and cacholong associated with motherhood. But in addition to motherhood, the stone just contributes to the accumulation of capital and improves health.
 For all zodiac signs, except ibex, fit lapis lazuli. This stone will bring luck in love, play, joy and peace, so shall your plans and to realize all your projects. Lapis is considered one of the best stones talismans.
Black Onyx is suitable Cancer, white — Capricorn and Scorpio and Leo sardonyx. Onyx raven can bring its owner a passion for enrichment, will give him energy and enterprise.
Peridot as a talisman capable to drive away the dark forces and misfortune. A torch-cut on this stone is able to attract wealth. If you need to make the right decision, keep your peridot point between the two eyebrows.
For Scorpios, Cancers and Lviv astrologers recommend Ruby — stone of life. To protect your home, tap ruby land on the home series at the four corners, from the north. Move clockwise. After this, try to imagine walking along the boundaries of your site a bright red barrier. This barrier and will protect your possessions from harm. To be successful, keep the ruby in the immediate vicinity of the heart.
 For Libra and Scorpio come up and topaz. He not only bring wealth but also endowed man mind, generosity, and wisdom, and the fertility of women and beauty.
 Court cases, even the most obviously losing, help win chalcedony. He's a great help in protecting amulets.
For those who are born under the sign of Virgo and Taurus, will bring good luck jasper. In the form of fine jade amulet to protect you from harm. And if you have a timid nature, take a piece of jade green. At that moment, when you feel self-doubt, take a stone in his left hand and rub it clockwise soft circular motions.

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