The mascot (amulet, talisman) for the Lion

Leo is the sign of the sun and fire. And the mascot,amulet, talisman& for the Lion is designed to give him the strength to support the life and energy level. Lions are very ambitious and vain, and that most of them are careerists. This sign — a very strong personality, who pronounced individuality. Leos are generous and are prone to large scale. And having a strong will and independence, they do not accept dictatorship and foreign supervision.

For this sign as a mascot are ideal ancient coins, medals and decorations, antique canes. At the right moment to guard Leo figures of lions and eagles. Among stones Lions mascot suit stones yellow shades — olivine, amber, topaz, beryl.

The amulet (talisman) for the Lion

 Amber from ancient times served the people as a talisman or amulet. He is credited with miraculous healing properties of many diseases, protection against witchcraft and the evil eye. If you simply look over the amber of the fingers, you can strengthen the physical and mental strength. Constantly carrying a talisman, you will be rewarded with beauty and longevity. Mascot and give optimism and consolation in various scrapes. Thanks to amber you unconsciously away from many of the problems, to avoid quarrels and unpleasant situations.. Such &amulet, talisman for Lion clarify ideas and help to implement his plans, and golden color of the stone will bring a sense of peace and joy.

Peridot will help to find harmony in the house, Leo adds sentimentality and neutralize conflicts and quarrels. Peridot is also not only helps to raise a family, but also protects against theft of Leo and fire. In health this charm has a positive effect on vision, balance, and normalizes the activity of the heart and blood pressure. Very good this stone and colds, and even men can cure impotence.

Topaz as a mascot stimulates the mind, gives fairness, liberalism and objectivity. This talisman is able to attract the favor of Leo, friendship, and the location of others. There is this stone and another quality — it brings wealth and recognition, which is very important for this zodiac sign. As an amulet, topaz can dispel evil spell to cure nervous disorders and to maintain the beauty.

What sort of suit Leo as talismans plants? Cypress soften this sign crises poplar save from enemies and envious, and bring a good luck in career advancement.

Hazel will help to get rid of his bad Leo qualities. Of particular interest are the talismans of hazel, coupled with gold. Walnuts in shell of Lions help restore your strength, connect them with the right people and give its owner the resistance. But almonds — a great talisman for the Lions Health.

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