Unusual charms for girls

Talismans as lipstick, clothes and shoe charms may change, but people's faith is still strong. It is not a thing prevails over man, but rather he was over it. Imagine that lipstick, eye shadow, perfume can be a mascot and choose such an unusual mascots often girls with character. On the face of absurdity, but there are girls who chose his charms these subjects cosmetics. The advantage of such a talisman that he built his carrier and the owner of the cult. Such charms just add confidence hostess and set up a positive way.
Talisman lipstick
Mascots as lipsticks, eye shadows and other makeup products make their magic, making women more confident and more attractive, adding to her charm and mystery. Girls who think that this pink lipstick helped them get married like the man, do not have a clear set of life and ready to roll off track for immediate success and brilliance. The young ladies are changing every day, like a chameleon and easily flit through life as a butterfly. Such windy behavior could be just a very flattering opinion of others about their nature and create a false reputation girlfriends and mistresses. Girls with character, enjoying a happy lipstick as a mascot, live according to the principle of bling glitter give and receive a prize.
Girls with character does not differ self-confidence and self-love, as some may think. On the contrary, such people just let the gold dust in the eyes, and the lucky charm they need to make their appearance and self-confidence to convince himself that the life around them, and that is fine, and everything will be all right. Talisman will help achieve the desired. How can a man walk past a girl smelling like of fragrant crimson roses. But if suddenly the happy spirits mascot will not work and the man will pass by without even throwing a glance at a beautiful flower, this girl will feel lost and lose faith in their mascot.
Mascot toy
Truly a girl with a gentle nature and easy to choose their mascots toys. After passing through the carefree childhood, these creatures have decided to move it into the future, into adulthood. Large soft toy mascot is a bit of a guardian and protector of the poor. Such mascot shows vulnerability of his mistress, the fine mental organization. Fun always accompanies these girls, but even when surrounded by a large company, the ladies feel lonely and run to their mascot. And with its soft mascot they lead the conversation, talk about the wrongs and injustices. A toy-like mascot and sympathetic listening. After that comes the relief and even some mascots tsvetystepeni feeling of joy and happiness. Talisman thus relieves tension and makes it possible to pour soul.
Mascots flowers
The most wonderful talisman, who choose their romantic nature, is the color. Thoughts such people are always clean, and the feelings are sincere and affectionate. Keeping pressed flower in your favorite book as a romantic nature preserve and keep their thoughts and feelings, concealed desires and dreams. For people whose mascot is the flower of any kind, such inherent qualities and virtues as diligence and efficiency. Girls can work hard, but the wealth they are not important. These people are not greedy and work for the good of others. The fair sex love to lead a quiet and measured life, satisfied with what they have. But they should not stop there, but to move forward. These girls really believe in its own mascot and await help.

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