Warding for the home. Kitchen amulet (talisman)

Warding for the home.  Kitchen amulet (talisman)Kitchen — it is a sacred place where the mystery of cooking. That negative energy is not prevented owner to create their culinary masterpieces, the kitchen must be protected.

Surely each of us pointed out that generally the mood is changing for the better after the stomach is full, after we eat delicious food. This is not surprising.

Energy kitchen — one of the main places in the house. Born here, and then disperse to the rest room and is valid for all family members the positive energy that brings prosperity and peace. Therefore, the kitchen should be protected from the negative, bad influence and all the evil that may come from outside.

The role of the wards can perform the usual kitchen utensils, and the products themselves directly, fresh flowers.

Onion, garlic, pepper
Since ancient times, these vegetables are considered good defenders of hearth and hung in the kitchen. In order to make the ward, enough to take a few bulbs, a couple of garlic cloves and some red hot pepper stuff and tie them together in any form in any order. Of these components, you can easily create a beautiful composition that will integrate harmoniously into the interior of the kitchen.
If you do not have all the components, you can use one — onion, garlic and pepper. For each of these wonderful vegetables is designed to protect and clean the room of negative energy.

Place such ward, usually in the corners — the places where the negative energy is concentrated. It is important to remember that after the ingredients that were used for protection, in any case, can not be eaten or added to dishes as vegetables raised on the entire negative and destructive energy.


More recently, this beautiful flower can be found in almost any home. Each hostess was important to grow at an aloe, which was splashed on the window sill, the day to gather strength from sun, and at night — the moon.

This plant has medicinal properties, good heals wounds. It also has the necessary protective power. Aloe reliably protects against penetration into the house of negativity, and promotes the health of all family members and the preservation of warm family relationships.

If you know that you have detractors among neighbors, colleagues or even relatives who like to go to the kitchen — should carefully strengthen its protection. Apply just a drop of aloe juice on the door (or door) to the kitchen windowsill, a refrigerator — that always had food, stove — that the food was tasty and not lose its beneficial properties.
All this will warn you away from negativity and allow to cook foods that will provide you and your family only the health and the physical and spiritual strength.

Broom — one of the oldest ward, used for many centuries. He is able to attract wealth, also protect the house from evil power, envy, slander and negativity.
Lodging broom-ward: mop up — to wealth and financial prosperity, brush down — for the protection of all the bad that comes from outside.
This cheerful plant — a symbol of the sun, which, as you know, it warms, energizes life, inspires and delights. Ward of sunflower meant to bring joy and fun to the house. Place it on the wall above the dining table or near a window.
Among other things, this flower contributes to the manifestation of creativity, an essential in the kitchen. He inspires owner to new ideas in food preparation — and then even the most common and well-known dish can be original, that positive charge of family members and give them a good mood.
Generally sunflower — the main Slavic ward, because the Slavs — the children of the sun.

Currently, more often called pot holders and are used for contact with the hot pan, kettle and other necessary items in the kitchen. Mitten itself symbolizes the warmth, comfort, care, strong family, as well as prosperity.
It is best to choose the gloves, which depicts the house or hostess — these characters are designed to protect the home, helping to build life, to create warm family relationships. Most often ward attached near the plate or mounted under kitchen cabinets.


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