Wedding ring

Wedding ring — a ring of precious metal, which is worn on the ring finger of the left or the right hand (in different ways in different countries).
A wedding ring symbolizes the marriage bond: spouses wear it as a badge of loyalty to each other. In ancient Russia as wedding rings used coins.
The traditional wedding ring — a smooth gold ring.  It can be decorated with small diamonds or other non-colored stones. 
Before our era wedding ring is a symbol of marriage. The ancient Egyptians used a pure
Gold as a sign of the inviolability of marriage. In the Middle Ages the Italians started to decorate wedding
ring with diamonds.
For engagements, engagement and the wedding rings were popular with diamonds, emeralds and rubies.
Wear them to the bride and groom before the wedding was, until it was time to put on wedding.
Today the popularity of rings of gold and platinum, which combine the value and beauty.
There are wedding rings of silver and gold. They look like gold, but cost much less.
The custom of wearing wedding rings on the third finger comes from the ancient Greeks. Greek physicians in the 3rd.
BC believed that on this finger «Vienna» love goes straight to the heart and is the best place for a ring.
Romans adopt knowledge Greeks called this finger «finger of health.» Doctors have used it in
work, stirring drugs and determining their healing properties.

If the marriage ceremony is preceded by the engagement, the ring is decorated with the left hand of the bride.

In several European countries, men are presented with two rings, one expensive, with a jewel at the betrothal and
second — a more modest — a wedding, and are constantly.
Made to care about the rings fiance.
On the inside to order engrave names or initials and the date of marriage.
In the ring bride — name of the groom, the groom in the ring — the name of the bride. If the groom is
maybe he can give the bride a wedding ring with a stone. It also (on the inside)
engraved name of the groom, who himself wears a ring on his hand lady. Ring without a stone disguised with
left hand on the right after the marriage. If the groom got a ring on the day of registration, that puts
he had his wedding day.
When registering a ring put first the bride, then the groom.
If the bride is wearing gloves, with a right hand glove is removed.

The main thing is going to the registry office, do not forget wedding rings.

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