What kind best talisman - gold or silver?

The controversy about the benefits of each of these metals is endless. It has long been known that metals directly affects our bodies and the right application to help in the treatment of many diseases, as well as influence the human energy field. Particularly important metal when it is not a mere decoration, but the decoration — talisman, amulets, amulet. This important fact is not nothing. And just focus on fashion would be frivolous.
Effect of signs and symbols, which will be displayed on your personal amulet can be directed to strengthen the influence of the metal from which it is made.
Amulets are divided into two groups — it amulets that protect against misfortune and disease, and charms — the improvement of the lives of some.
Wards have a basic security feature. For such products, silver is appropriate choice. Of the legends we all know that only a silver bullet can kill a vampire. Indeed, silver can destroy destructive energy directed at its owner. That is why silver crosses still sanctify and purify the space around them. Its medicinal properties are also known to everyone and knowingly decided to give the baby to the first tooth is a silver spoon.
But silver is inferior to gold strength, in addition, for him, be careful to clean and on time, as long socks blackened silver is an indicator of the accumulated negative energy and can be dangerous. Also, and this, unfortunately, have little to say, silver tends to accumulate in the body. NOT to constantly use water, infused with silver and worn, without removing, silver jewelry. Sometimes these habits can cause persistent headaches, and the person loses energy and becomes lethargic and apathetic.
Gold explorer Sun, metal high noble, a symbol of prosperity and financial growth.
This is evidenced by its impassable value as confirmed by any State Treasurer.
Gold gives energy, relieves depression and chronic fatigue. It increases your self-confidence, raises self-esteem and gives strength to reach the goal. No wonder it is recommended for daily wear distracted, slow, insecure people. Tonic effect of this metal makes them
reconsider their views on life.
If you need a talisman can activate around cash flow and vibe of success — stop your choice on the product of gold.
Power, power, wealth — all embodied in this metal Winners.
Gold blends beautifully with any stones, easy to process and even after many years, is striking in its sunshine.
Gold can be worn, not removing. Any negative effects on the human body have been reported. Sometimes it may be an allergy — but it happens, if you have opted for a prudent bad sample. Ligature, part of the compositions of cheap gold jewelry is extremely rare, but can cause redness.
Gold — metal successful. Do not skimp on your image.
A person who wants to change his life, to be observant and often interact with what is his ideal. If it is — to ensure life a happy man, the whole paraphernalia must match your dream. Only you can make the life change, so take advantage of any chance of leading to success. Wear gold jewelry, worthy of the best, go prance held rights. Call upon himself to help a personal talisman, and trust him. Subconscious certainly appreciate it and quietly push your life to go in this direction.

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