Why the talismans, amulets and other supposedly magic items purchased from a Witchcraft Shop so often prove useless

best online witchcraft shopsI can’t say that all magic items, talismans and amulets, sold by online witchcraft shops are fake, useless souvenirs, and are only designed to look like magic ones. However, the fact that counterfeit magic products are increasingly sold on the Internet has made me write this article. I want to tell you about the disappointment people feel after buying such goods from witchcraft shops online, their dreams which will never come true, and their plans which they are not fated to implement. I will tell you how not to become a victim of frauds claiming to be sorcerers and taking advantage of people’s faith.
A lot of people pretend to be sorcerers. You may have read some of my other articles about them. However, new frauds come to light and it turns out some of them tend to keep abreast of the times! Thus, there appeared a sorcerer in the US who tells fortunes and casts love spells using his clients’ (I almost wrote “victims”) credit card numbers! That’s what he offers: you make a money transfer, he sees your credit card number and performs the required ritual; he doesn’t need your picture or your presence to perform the ritual. Where’s the catch?
Everywhere! To begin with, no sorcerer will ever perform a ritual having no picture of his client. All the more so if it’s a love spell and the sorcerer has no picture of the person he’s going to cast the spell on. In the past, personal things were used instead of pictures. If personal things were not available, the only case when a witch agreed to perform the ritual was when she knew the client and his beloved personally (when the sorcerer and his clients lived in the same village or small towns, and all the people knew each other). A sorcerer needs pictures or personal things of his clients to read their energies. If a spell-caster doesn’t ask you for any of that, he’s a liar and a fraud. Speaking of magic items from witchcraft online shop, before buying any, ask the seller just one question, “Can I buy it wholesale?” If the seller says, “Yes,” what he’s selling has nothing to do with magic. It’s junk. True magic items, including very simple ones, are never mass-produced. Each magic item is made and charged on a certain lunar day, sometimes on a certain date (which may come once a year!).
That’s what makes authentic magic items exclusive.Moreover, don’t forget that any sorcerer has limited powers, and each magic item he makes is charged not only by performing certain rituals, but also with his personal energy. So, if a spell-caster offers 1,000 magic items in his witchcraft shops online, and each of them is available for wholesale, this means that none of those items is magically charged, and it won’t be able to help you or protect you. Some think the authenticity of an item can be defined by the item’s price, and tend to associate high price with high quality. However, frauds know that, too.
That’s why they charge $ 850-4,000 for a useless accessory to make it look like a treasure. However, a very low price ($10-50) should make you suspicious. A real spellcaster can make about 10-15 magic items a year, that’s why spellcaster can’t afford selling them for nothing (provided his products do have magic properties). There’s one more thing that I don’t like about modern online witchcraft shop. It’s the fact that the sellers of those magic amulets and talismans don’t really care about their buyers’ problems. Witchcraft shops won’t diagnose your chakras, try to identify your energy-related problems, clean and normalize your karma like authentic spell-casters do. It’s like a doctor treating you by giving you a medical manual for you to choose which pills to take. They may help you, or they may not. A true witch like me helps her clients. Moreover, from me you can also buy a talisman or amulet which will be useful personally for you. As a witch, I can see what your problems are and what can fix them. True magic items are a two-edged weapon.
They can both help and do harm. Contact me and I will help you choose a magic item for you to get most benefits from. The seller of a witchcraft online shop selling counterfeit products won’t do that for you. Lastly, I can custom-make an amulet personally for you and adjust any magic item to your energy and your problems, a service witchcraft shops never offer.

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