Why magic items purchased from an online magic shop prove not only useless but also very dangerous

magic shop onlineMany of those who believe in magic and its protection or punishing properties show a very irresponsible behavior when it comes to purchasing magic items from magic shops. I’ve seen a lot of people who suffered after misusing magic items (amulets, talismans) or buying counterfeit products. They come to me looking for help. That’s what those people, in my opinion, usually think (by the way, some of them are rather good at magic), “I’m going to buy this magic item. If it helps, perfect! If it doesn’t…
Well, at least it won’t do me any harm.” But it can harm you and the harm may be pretty severe. Even a harmlessly looking fake is potentially very dangerous, especially if you use it while performing a magic ritual. Each ritual implies calling up and directing certain energies into the spellcaster’s subtle bodies to make them stronger to influence the world or other people.
Artifacts made by true spellcasters call up only safe energies. Their influence on the spellcaster’s subtle bodies is never destructive. As for counterfeit magic items or magic items of poor quality, they may attract energies from the dark, infernal worlds. Sometimes, they may call up dark creatures and demons. As a result, the spellcaster’s energy is destroyed, while he himself becomes a victim of energy vampirism and possession. What it may lead to is no secret, including for those who don’t know much about magic – it’s a ruined fate, illnesses, insanity, inadequate behavior, and even death.


Secondly, people selling counterfeit goods at their magic shops online lack necessary qualifications. That’s why they sometimes sell very dangerous stuff without even knowing it. For example, you’ve probably heard of the so called “Tibetan bells.” As a rule, a site magic shop doesn’t differentiate between them. However, each bell has its own purpose: — Energy activation — Health and soul enhancement — Some call up the spirits of nature — Some call up demons Sadly, nobody will tell you which purpose each of the bells has. That’s why you never know what you’re buying. Even if you buy a bell which calls up demons as a souvenir, sooner or later someone – a member of your family or a friend – will ring it. Sometimes, a single stroke of the bell is enough to call up some infernal creature.
There is one more way for you to suffer after buying a random magic item. That is buying an item guarded by a religious teaching or magic school which is alien to you. Experienced spellcasters always contact the egregore and gods first to get their blessing to help their customer. When a seller offers counterfeit stuff in his online magic shop, he’s unlikely to do that. But he should! Because egregores and gods mercilessly punish most of the strangers. Thus, they don’t punish people who profess the same religion they do, even if a dangerous magic item has been purchased. On the contrary, they may reduce the risks.
But if you’re a stranger, they will ensure that you will be punished as severely as possible. Nothing will stop them, including your insanity or death. So before you order anything from amagic shops, find out everything you can about the item and its potential danger. Remember, if a seller is reluctant to consult you, never buy anything from him.Any experienced spellcaster will always answer all your questions concerning his products and services. Moreover, he will instruct you on how to handle the magic item so it doesn’t harm you. He will tell you about the likely consequences of using any amulet or talisman, as well as adjust the magic item to you, making it obey your will and be safe to you. That’s what all powerful and professional sorcerers and witches, including me, do.
Also, it’s possible to tell online magic shops selling counterfeit goods from real magic shops by the number of “magic” items offered. A true artifact is usually one of a kind, because making magic artifacts according to authentic magic recipes is extremely difficult. As a rule, a sorcerer can offer one to two magic items of the same kind. If you are offered dozens or hundreds of identical magic items, it means they’re all fake, and will help you no more than a pen purchased from a nearby supermarket



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