15 Reasons Why Love Spells Dont Work

reasons why love spell did not work cause In this article I will tell you in detail why the love spell did not work and which ones for this reason. Many people who either ordered a spell at the caster, or made love spell on their own, will never be able to get results from magical influences.

Why Love spell did not work. Why is this happening?

You did the ritual yourself, but for some reason the love spells dont work.
1. You do not have strong feelings.
First of all, you should know that the love spell works most often in those cases when there are strong positive feelings, i.e. if you strongly love a person, think about him or her
 2. You chose the wrong phase of the moon, day or time
All love spells, except for some black and mental spells, are made on the growing moon. Runic love spell, love spells with the use of menstrual blood are done on any day, regardless of the phase of the moon.
There is also such a thing as male and female days in magic. It's not as important as the phase of the moon, but the right day will help the spell work better. Spirits of a beloved man is best read in a man's day, respectively, to charm the girl the best female day.
If the description of the ritual does not say anything about the time of casting love spells, it is recommended to do this after sunset. There are even such privoroty that you need to perform at midnight.
3. A few days before the start of the casting of love spell you drank alcohol, took part in parties or holidays.
To save the energy necessary for the ritual love spell, do not quarrel and do not show unnecessary emotions.
4. You chose for the ritual dirty and littered room, so your love spell does not work
Before casting a love privot, do the cleaning, wash the floors, if the room is cluttered, clean unnecessary things. They interfere with the circulation of magical energy. In general, it is good if the room will be equipped according to the laws of Feng Shui. Love Privorot is desirable to do with an open window, so that the mental energy can go in the right direction.
5. Another reason why the love spell does not work is your dirty body
Before casting a love spell, be sure to wash thoroughly. Hair is dissolved and carefully combed, there should be no gum and hair on the head, remove all ornaments, including earrings. You can leave only those amulets and talismans necessary for the ritual
6. You read the text of the ritual from the computer screen
During the casting of the ritual the love spell, the text can be read from paper, but without stumbling, so practice beforehand.
The paper should be white and clean, without inscriptions or patterns. But, of course, it's best if you learn the text of the spell by heart.
7. In the room where you do the ritual there should be no electrical appliances on and the phone is off.
8. Your love spell does not work if you took old things for a ritual or similar.
So, for example, if in the instructions for the Red Candles love spell, it is said to take the natural wax candles of red color, you should use for the ritual just such candles, painted completely, and not just from above.
If the instructions say that you need a knife or needle to perform the ritual, use only new, never-used items. If a love spell requires aromatic or essential oils, they must be natural and of the highest quality.
9. During the casting of the love spell you must clearly visualize (visualize) the object of passion, on which you make a love spell. You should think only about him, about how you build new plans, new life, and also about how you have sex with him. You should not have any extraneous thoughts.
10. Your love spell will never work if your love is in a relationship with someone else. In this case, first you need casting to break the spell relationship. Your love spell will not work and you will get the opposite effect and consequences if you do not have magic protection.
 The correct casting scheme here
11. And the most common reason why the love spell does not work — you broke the rules of behavior after the ritual.
 Read more here: Instructions on how to behave after a ritual
12. Never a love spell will work in the chatterboxes. If you share with everyone or someone with plans that you will be casting a love spell or you did a ritual and someone told about it — you can forget about the results — your love spell will not work or the effect will be short
13. You're impatient.
For example, if you make a love spell using food, you should be aware that from the moment when the bewitched will eat food or drink a drink, she or he will be connected to you. If you have not eaten — love spell — will not work.
14. You do not believe in success and you doubt the results.
He will feel your confidence or fear. Therefore, when you prepare food for a love spell, you must be self-confident, you must constantly think that the object of passion loves you.
Gods and Higher Forces will feel your doubts and this will negatively affect the result of the ritual.
People who do not believe in success, now you understand why your love spell does not work?
15. You do not have the magic power and experience

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