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Where there are spellcasters Voodoo?

Among the scams are often those who call themselves - voodoo spellcasters. This fact is easily explained by the fact that the word "voodoo" sounds sinister and mysterious. Various American films were building a cult of voodoo, and demonstrated by this kind of magic. Now the magic of Hollywood promotes Wicca. but the word "Wicca" is a positive charge, and therefore will not cause the client of those feelings, which causes the word "voodoo."

They live there in the U.S., Canada, Europe or Asia charmer voodoo? Probably not, and if there is, very few of them and they came to these countries in some incredible way.

First, in order to learn magic, you must sign language teacher is very good. It should be very clear pronunciation and delivered a large vocabulary. The magic of voodoo - a ritual magic, and therefore any deficiencies in language skills, which are trained to lead to very unfortunate consequences. Learn through a translator on a number of reasons is also not possible.

If you find a caster, who claims that he owns Wood, you immediately ask him what country he had learned this magic. Haiti? In this case, when and where he learned the language of the Haitian? Cuba? Then you will know how he knows Spanish. In Africa, the local population generally speaks in a huge number of languages (dialects), many of these dialects are generally in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia are not taught.

We now turn to the purely worldly matters. How to find a teacher for Voodoo? Here you have arrived in Africa, and then what? Continent big. places where the white man should never happen - is complete. In voodoo magician written on my forehead that he is the magician of voodoo?

You can start asking the locals, but remember that you - a stranger. In real life, such a search in 99% of the cases before a fall and ends with the banal robbery of serious bodily injury.

Theoretically, assume that our case - it is just this one 1%. The next challenge is to motivate the (interested) voodoo spellcaster to teach you. Why is voodoo magician shares his knowledge with an outsider? Not only will you he is not a blood relative who also came from another continent. Suppose you offer him money. This option is possible, but the money must be very very much. from 10,000 to 30,000 $ us

I'm not going to tell how the magic of learning, but would not be helping quacks believable stories, say only that the deal with voodoo and parallel to earn money you have is unlikely to succeed. So, in addition, we will have to continually pay a sorcerer, so more and earn will not be possible.

So where in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia appear voodoo spellcasters?

In these countries there are voodoo spellcasters from fantasy charlatans. and not otherwise.

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