What the person can cast a love spell? Who can bewitch?


 bewitchAll the people in varying degrees amenable to a love spell, including - sexual love spell.

Can not say that you can enchant anyone!

To determine the probability of success is often a witch lays out the cards, assessing the chances and also can you clarify some points.

But there are general rules, without respect love spell that is impossible

1 necessary condition: people should be familiar;

2 condition: must be able to contact (otherwise you will not see results, for example, if a person is in captivity, imprisoned, no telephone).


Most susceptible to love spell those people who:

- Already has a liking for you;

- Divorced, was unhappy in his personal life and did not have time to heal wounds;

- Constantly in contact with you;

- You had previously intimacy (sex);

- Experience of failure at the moment (in any sphere of life);

- Weaker than you are at least some criteria;

- Tired of the current partner (usually - those who are close with your partner more than 1 year).


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