1. Specify that you are interested. The better you understand and define the scope of questions that you would like to get an answer, the more accurate prediction you get. This is important because each spirit carries many meanings. For example, you are interested in your work, then the questions that interest you, may be as follows: How will the situation that arose in my work? How will change the atmosphere in the team for me? What happens if I change jobs? What should I do, what would I have raised (or increased wages)?
2. Maximum relax and gain confidence that you are sure to get an answer to your questions, or spirits can not calculate future developments or simply enter into aggression. But do not try this at pre-generate a response, or tune in to what you would like, what would have happened. Just open your mind to receive information and at this point, try not to think about anything else but your interest situation.
3. Correct questions. The wrong questions are those that imply the answer «yes» or «no.» It is better to ask the question: What is ...? For example, you are interested in the issue of privacy. Wrong question: Do I have anything to Elena? The correct question is: What will happen to me, Elena? What will our relationship? Wrong question: Do I Divorce? The correct question is: What happens if I divorce? What will happen if I try to keep the family together?
4. Do not ask stupid or too small issues, such as: Should I go for a visit today? Or, as young girls are often asked: Will I be with this man, after only a passing acquaintance, with highly frustrating if the answer turns out «no.» — There are things that you just need to do or not to do, or not to accept, without consulting Spirits
5. Be prepared to receive any information, even unpleasant, which you can get in the process of prediction. Otherwise Spirits can simply refuse to say anything to you, or give out the wrong information.
6. Do not be afraid to ask questions that you encounter in the course of prediction, they have a reason, so you just need to know the answers to them. This will help to further consider the cause — effect relationship of your situation and, therefore, will help you make a right decision.
7. Analyze and ponder the information (you can even write it), especially if you received the predictions seem contradictory, it seems at first glance.
8. Turning to the professional witch-teller, clearly explain what you want. If you are asked a question, answer honestly, not ignoring or distorting information. Questions that you ask, they serve only to correct some aspect of prediction.
9. IMPORTANT… When you seek professional help, often to the proven specialist, which already successfully applied for by your friends, and the prediction does not come true, it does not necessarily mean that this person is not a professional, it is just a number of reasons why this happened:
you too «crowded» head (usually it happens or impulsive people, or people with a lot of problems, but in this case, it is better to be tested for the presence of the curse, the evil eye, or other negative programs);
You have made the prediction as a guide to action, we decided to do something, and thereby changed the course of events;
During the session, you have provided misleading or false information, and therefore the prediction of «blurred»;
You are not ready to hear what you say witch, as calculated only for a positive reply, or if you are not prepared to make the decision and try to delegate this responsibility to the predictor and taro;
This is not «your» fortune, and you need to seek help from other professionals (there is an analogy with other professions, such as lawyers: for some qualification of the specialist approach, and he decided this question, and another man with a bigger or smaller problems can not help. Or teachers: one and the same teacher learns some good and some bad, but all the same teaching material)
Or, do not forget that the predictors are people too, even if not quite normal, but also with the problems and limits of their capabilities, the predictor just tired, or sick. In this case, try to reassign a meeting at a time when these factors will not affect the accuracy of prediction.
10. And last, do not forget to thank the Spirits («thank you» is not spoken). Magic is in the rules. Thanks to word-of-spirits do not realize they need energy and this energy is usually in view of gratitude, in monetary terms

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