What to do if the spellcaster blackmails you, threatens you with curses revenge, extorts money or wants to place your personal information on the Internet

What to do if the spellcaster blackmails you, threatens you with curses revenge, extorts money or wants to place your personal information on the Internet I already wrote a lot about how to distinguish a real spellcaster and scam spellcaster, or how to behave if you are a victim of the spellcaster scams that demand money for removing a non-existent curse. But it is important to know that there are those spellcasters that can really impose effective revenge of the curse, and then to demand huge money for removal and destruction. However, such cases are very rare, as they are associated with high consumption of energy and are accompanied by the risk of retaliation.
In this article I will talk about the spellcasters scam who avenge their customers and hatairat them, and about what a real spellcaster can destroy you and put on you powerful curse.

Spellcaster threatens revenge and extort money. Several situations and ways of solving problems

1. If spellcaster did a spells for you, but after some time it extorts a fee for the same spell, without giving adequate reasons. For example, a week after casting a love spell, the caster will write to you: «I Need more money for this love spell” — that's cheating.
Remember: payment is possible only if in advance it was discussed with you or in the course of working with you or do you want casting another ritual, for which you did not pay, for example, you need another Lust spells. But if the caster threatens, extorts money again and again, promises revenge curse at you, or threatens you to place your photo and name on the Internet, if you don't pay — it's not a real spellcaster. It is 100% fraud.
2. If spellcaster bullying you and threatening. That is, he has become a real threat to your health or reputation. This can be attributed to the promise of casting a curse on you or revenge spell, it's very common methods of pressure from the scams. Don't worry! It's a sharlatan. A scam will never know how casting a curse.
3. If the spellcaster begins to threaten your reputation – confidentiality of information which you gave him: photos, addresses, personal data, telephone numbers, he's threatening to post online or to send information to your friends on Facebook, if you don't pay money – it is not blackmail, it is a criminal offense. You can contact the police and the court.
The only exception —  is if you first leave feedback review about the spellcaster on the Internet, where the name of the caster, website, address, phone number, real name and the caster also has the legal right to leave a review about working with you, to tell about the situation and give explanations. From the point of view of the laws of the United States the spellcaster is entitled to do so,to answer your opinion. It's legal!
4. SpellCaster promises that you will pay after the result. The scheme of this fraud is simple – at the beginning of the spellcaster promises the payment after the result, but after some time he finds any reason to go to now. Such reasons can be: a queue of many customers on these magic spells, employment in the other case, which need some ingredients for casting spells. You should know that payment after the result on the Internet does not and can not be!
5. You wrote the spellcaster and asked information about the ritual, sent your photo, the names, you did not pay the caster and you only consulted with him. Through nekotrye time you decided not to do a spell, for example, you met a new love and you don't want casting a love spell on ex-boyfriend. And this Spellcaster says to you that he has done for you love ritual spell and you have to pay money. the right decision — if you don't udesh to pay. But scammers extort money, writes about the threats that you would tell your boyfriend about love spell or make your photos a curse. This is also a fraud, because the real exorcist never will be casting rituals without payment. In fact, the scammer is not doing rituals you vseeto Shanti and extortion. You don't have to be afraid of him, you can say that will write a statement to the police.
Here's an interesting story: One of my clients lived next door to the house of the crook of the crook, who owned a small store of grass magic items. On the store sign it was written that the landlady was removing curses and returning husbands or lovers. My client had stomach problems and she wanted to see a specialist. False spellcaster, she told this woman that the doctor would not help her, because her ex-husband cursed her.
My client thought that this is quite possible, as recently experienced a violent divorce. The swindler looked quite a respectable lady, who expressed concern about the state of the victim of unhappy love. The owner of the store had small children who ran right in the courtyard of the house, so my client decided to trust her neighbor. Everything was very simple. The deceiver said that usually for her services she takes a thousand dollars, but for her neighbor will remove the curse, after making a small ritual, for $ 100. Unfortunately, this ritual did not help, the woman continued to hurt and was forced to again come to the extortionist.
With each visit, this fraudster demanded from my client more and more money, and she continued to pay, although she already climbed into big debts. But one day, when the woman again came to the session, she saw that the store was closed, and the landlady disappeared with all the money.
Much less often there are real spellcasters who are actually dangerous. Such people are able to really impose curses, receiving a specific amount from a client who wants to harm their enemy. But these people are not „super villains“. Most likely, they are endowed with magical abilities and use their powers in magic as income.

Why the spellcaster threatens to do the curse? The situation against you. When you're really to guilty

1. You ordered the spells, and immediately went to tell everyone about your order. You told where, who, what site, what rituals did you order and what price you paid for the caster.
This situation is not valid in the following base:
— Disclosure of confidential commercial information about the terms of the transaction without the consent of all parties to the transaction is a criminal offense
— It is disrespectful to the work of the spellcaster. Because magic is a mystery. Magic does not tolerate jibber-jabber and ostentation. The ritual will never work, if it is all right to tell. No matter how you did it — talked about the beginning of casting the spell in online forums or told it to a colleague at work or your best friend. Your spell will not work ever and you will have Bad effects after cast love spells or the spellcaster will throw those consequences on you and you will get revenge curse, as it is done for protection.

Your information about the beginning of casting spells on various forums about spells, the spellcasters reviews about them, will attract to you the powerful stream of negative energy. Because in these sites many people with personal problems, people are angry and envious people who were doing spells, but not got the results, they will envy you, and mean it a secret from you, wish you and your spellcaster failure in casting the spell.
Besides, everyone knows, and it's no secret that all the magic sites and forums on magic, spellcasters, psychic and feedback on them — are under the control of the caster. This sites are used to praise their spellcasters, using  fake accounts and writing negative about other spellcasters. Thereby luring customers from other exorcists, by placing the names of these exorcists on their forums and websites. You can certainly tell that your caster is a cheater and a liar and gently suggest you to take services from reliable wishers from this forum, see the directory of Recommended Spellcaster.

Known cases where clients reported about the beginning of casting spells on the forums about the magic of the Internet, they didn't want to harm the caster, to spoil casting spells, they wanted to get a result, but after posting such information, other dummy accounts and fakes began to convince these people that he bought the spell from a rogue. And these unhappy customers, who do not know about the fact that this site is running a different caster, they went crazy, started to exhibit inappropriate behavior, have lost faith in the result of the spell and to sabotage the work of the magician and spoil the result of the spell.
Such was the case 2 years ago in the Netherlands — a woman, a client who bought a spell to believe the message on the magical site that its caster is a cheater… She went mad, freaked out and became cause harm to this Spellcaster by posting online reviews about the exorcist, as it is convinced that it is 100% a fraud. This Spellcaster started to do her spells, the spellcaster has written a statement to the police of defamation and provided evidence that did the spell, I sincerely wanted to help this client solve her problem, the police conjurer did a polygraph test ( lie detector) and proved that he is not a cheater. Poor woman, powerisa in slandering magical form and placed the confidential information on the terms of the deal with spellcaster, was under prosecution and by the court paid to the caster up to a few thousand dollars. In this situation the customer is also to guilty.
2. You promised the spellcaster to pay for casting a ritual (say- you dont   have money, but you'll need time to assemble the money to buy spells, for example, 2-3 weeks), after that, the caster has reserved time for casting spells for you, but you disappeared, cut off contact with the spellcaster.
This situation could occur for various reasons:
— you don't want to do the spell,
— you want to enjoy a spells in another place
— you couldn't find the money.
If so, you shall as soon as possible to warn the spellcaster, to keep the reservation and apologize. Normal  real spellcaster will understand your situation and dont make curse on revenge.
But if you just disappeared, no warning spellcaster and not apologize — the spellcaster will think that you're a fraud and scam because you actually stole his money and time he could use to help other people. In this situation, you're to guilty.
3. The situation when the spellcaster  threatens to do a revenge or curse on you, maybe for this reason:

You wrote to Spellcaster and began to demand a free spell, was inadequately to behave, to hysteria, to write 1000 emails. You didn't pay.
To calm such an inadequate person, the spellcaster can make a simple curse or revenge  to the man behind him and stopped to send emails and to extort free spells.
4. The situation when you lied tospellcaster, you come with deception.

For example, you are in depression, in a poor emotional state, you have suicidal thoughts, because your love, your boyfriend, girlfriend, lover left you and went to mistress or another man. Did you tell the spellcaster everything, but not told about your suicidal tendencies or severe depression.
You buy a spells, a ritual, for example, aLove spells or Break up relationship spells between husband and mistress, and then you began to fall asleep a lot of emails on email to the caster, about how bad you are, you're depressed you think of suicide, began to talk about your fears or any minor events.
In fact — you lied to spellcaster. Because spellcasters do not have the right to make casting spells for mentally ill people or people who are temporarily in a difficult emotional state,  suicide, or have severe depression. For people need a psychologist, psychiatrist, or the customer buys services and caster and analyst. Doogie options impossible!
But the cunning customers, who want to save money on the services of a psychoanalyst, only buy services from the caster, and begin to demand psychological advice from a caster, as I believe that the spellcaster is a psychoanalyst who can spend hours listening to you complain about a bad life
But the customer only bought the ritual and pay the spellcaster for psychological assistance and endless conversations on the phone or email a lot. Perhaps because the client has little money and no money for a psychologist.
If the spellcaster asks you to pay for the time to answer your phone calls and email to provide you additional psychological help — you have to pay extra. This does not mean extortion or blackmail.
If you don't want to pay extra spellcaster, buy the therapy sessions with a psychoanalyst. This is the right decision!
5. You ordered the same spells (for example, the Сurse on your enemy, using pictures) from different spellcasters. But you didn't tell about it to the spellcaster. This is unacceptable and very dangerous for life and health of the caster and the client. You can read here about Why you cannot order the same spell from different spellcasters.
I want to warn everyone who turns to the spellcasters for help. If you are threatened, lure out money from you, require several times to pay the same work, try to blackmail — immediately interrupt all contacts. Believe me, protection  spell will cost you significantly less time, nerves, money and, possibly, health than working with unclean specialists, charlatans and false healers. This is not self-promotion. I'm not saying, „Order the rituals from me.“ There are many spellcasters. Find something that you like and trust. But do not try to deceive the spellcasters. Get help, advice, and then, without paying, to flee to another. Magic protection works well if the terms of the deal are not violated by you. If it's you who have dishonestly acted, then you can hardly be protected — the law of retaliation works well, and no matter how powerful your shields are. And the real spellcaster to whom you turned for help, by ignorance, can suffer, if he defends the interests of a liar.
Be honest with yourself and with others. And never break contracts.
If similar situations have occurred in your life and you want to order Powerful magic protection against the curses and revenge of another caster, fill out the feedback form and tell me about your situation

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