Symptoms of diabolism

Stages of obsession

1. Partial Accession.
Characterized by the following symptoms:
momentary loss of control over the body and / or consciousness;
sharp deterioration in memory, gaps in memory;
hyperactivity, increased appetite, change in taste, mood swings
(Eg, people, wake up, may find that started to smoke, even though
can not remember how and why).

2. Accession.
Characterized by the following symptoms:
long-term loss of control over body and mind;
periodically falling into a state where the consciousness of watching the body,
acting in accordance with an unclear mind motivation, perception
own body as a stranger, as if watching another person;
temporary paralysis of body parts;
strong opposition to his own reflection in the mirror surfaces;
frequent changes of mood, aggression towards others, part apathy.

3. Partial possession.
It is characterized by symptoms of increased adhesion, as well as:
the appearance of cells from the vertical, diagonal, horizontal
energy flows, encircling the aura of a person;
often unconsciously release of consciousness from the body;
long periods of apathy, immobilization, and indifference to her;
increased attraction to the mirror surfaces with a vision in the mirror Ā«another personĀ»;
hearing a voice dictated his will;
differences between the signals to the body and mind perform these processes
signals. For example, a person wants to move, and his body does not obey and
make something of themselves.
division of the body into pieces, some of which are subject to the consciousness of others
operates separately from the mind;
the appearance of their own illusions of immortality, omnipotence, etc.

4. Diabolism (full).
Characterized by the following symptoms, which manifest themselves in two phases:

The first phase:
long-term (several days) release of consciousness from the body and the observation
consciousness on the side of his body, living on other people's consciousness of the laws;
gradual identification with the non-human;
illusion of reflection on the mirror surface of another (often strong and
a healthy body);
pale, dry skin, dystrophy, angularity, bags under the eyes,
jaded view, the gradual change of color of skin tones to
yellow, green and blue.

Second phase:
a sharp increase in activity, making healthy body weight gain
and muscle mass, abnormal physical and mental strength;
Update of Energy, the displacement of human energy an alien
feeling that the problem is exhausted obsession: the disappearance of the votes
return of control over the body (can last up to several weeks);
finally, a sharp emission of consciousness from the body, or a feeling that consciousness
plunged into the box, the consciousness of the consciousness of others is suppressed, the total
irreversible own loss of control over the body.

It should be noted that not all entities have sufficient capacity
to go through all the stages. So, for example, for many artificial entity
characterized by a stop at the first and second stages.

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