The curse of loneliness

The curse of loneliness is a kind of damage a woman's happiness. A woman with this disaster can be very attractive and intelligent, but for the opposite sex is like ", the invisible."
The Invisible Woman and starts dating if, they have failed, and she can not even get married. Such people say, «empty shell», as the years go by, the age is running out, she «fades,» but her life does not give its fruit. Evil tongues are also given rise to the famous saying: «To walk — walking, but not called marriage!»

Damage to the feminine nature has a name: vekovuha. This means you can not marry or be happy in marriage. Vekovuha a magical origin. Vekovuha can be induced by a rival or competitor in all spheres of life.

Typically, damage to loneliness induce sorcerers to order. In the old days was vekovuha ritual magic village, and almost every village there was a woman — beautiful, but no one wants.

Loneliness spells different from the crown of celibacy so that damage is induced in the loneliness of evil outsiders, while the crown of celibacy generally shows signs of family curse. Also, in contrast to the crown of celibacy, damage alone is not passed on from generation to generation.

Curse of loneliness can be both general and induced by the specific circumstances, for example — the inability to live with men without any quarrel (neskladuha, rassorka) on the lapel of any particular man, the discord of engagement, etc.

Damage to the victim alone are usually beautiful young woman with a lot zavistnits. Zavistnitsey may even be the closest friend.

Damage to loneliness has nothing to do with the loneliness of fate. The presence of the fate of the marriage, for example, installed on your left hand (line defects). If this line is present, the loneliness of a woman — is damaging and needs to appeal to people who can help. Damage to loneliness may be withdrawn magical specialist (as opposed to the crown of celibacy).

The second option: turn to a psychologist, because, perhaps, she just did not know how to communicate with the opposite sex, not confident. Well, that familiar and less jealous girlfriend, do not be haughty, arrogant and boastful, be more sweet, kind, and in the end — do not try to have affairs with married men.

The next plot protects against jealousy. My heart tells a woman when it is better to be read these words: «A pillar of the Almighty, baptized in one hand, the other — hold on the pole. As this post is not broken, so I look and the word does not spoil, do no harm. Amen.»

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