How to Get Rid of a Curse, How to Remove a Curse. How to Reverse a Curse, How To Remove A Curse (Black Magic)

You walk on a crowded street, accidentally pushing an old woman bent low and hear: «Damn you, clumsy cow.» It's a shame? Sure!
Even before you pushed, and the weight of your carcass is kept on a 50-pound mark, so you just can not not be as graceful animals.
But the worst thing that is not only insulting, but dangerous — like a curse may be «fired» at any time you want, especially if the old lady put her in all the negative words, which she had accumulated over several years — lack of understanding of relatives, health problems, a small pension, lost youth, so who knows what else.
That's what a curse, what it is expressed as a valid and what happens, today we'll talk. How and what to do if you are cursed.

What is the curse 

Damn mind and in the distance is only capable of very strong magnetic field, most of all is the curse — the negative words pronounced and aggressive attitude toward a specific person, expressed in a quarrel, in the heat of the moment, in spite of great momentary impulse. This is quite an unpredictable act, as you can get it anywhere and from anyone.

There is also a curse effect, when a man cursed by an object — it is a curse not a spontaneous, he ponders, and impose on purpose. But for this to be a good reason. In general, people suffering from ill-considered words of relatives and completely innocent people who have a strong negative energy, multiplied by their own problems and failures.

With a curse the harder to fight, the more a person has received a negative message is suspicious, and psychologically susceptible to strong negative emotions. Some may not pay attention to the vicious hiss behind him or just spit over your left shoulder and go further, but someone is superimposed on a desperate fear of failure, disease and misery, and then a random curse becomes true scourge damned.

How to make curse

If the curse, resulting in a mature age, a person can protect his will and rationality, the curse brought upon a person in childhood and adolescence, are deposited on the life and works as a bomb, as the child is not as well protected in terms of emotional, more impressionable, and his fear is irrational.

Moreover, to the curse began to work, does not necessarily have to be uttered the fateful and terrible words, «I curse you!» Negative message can be expressed in the wish of misery, poverty, disease, celibacy is not only the man himself but also his family.

And often a man, fearing he causes his own troubles and misfortunes of their relatives, as if laid in developing a program. If he is too damn believes in predetermination of events, it can cause trouble for generations to come.

Types of Curses

Ancestral Curse

In numerology, is the concept of karmic debt, we're used to talking about the family curse when something happens to the family from generation to generation. It is believed that someone has cursed the whole race to the seventh generation, and only upon the expiration of the descendants, if the race will not stop gradually be able to get rid of the negative impact. It's not quite the right idea about the family curse. We'll talk about that later.

Domestic curse

The words spoken by a stranger or a close relative (friend) in a stressful situation, in a fit of anger, rage or resentment. Often comes true precisely because the scares, forcing tune in to negativity and look for any developments in the confirmation of angry words.

Curse yourself

Disbelief man in our own strength or punishment himself for some terrible deed, a kind of fatal mistake. The reason, as a rule, are two factors: first — the constant suggestion of relatives, that man is incapable for something that he does not work (and that he is ugly, unhealthy, stupid, etc.), that is predetermined the role of the eternal outsider, and the second — the inability to forgive yourself your own errors and ugly deeds. The reason for the second factor is a heightened sense of justice, or, again, instilled from childhood guilt.

Religious or ecclesiastical curse

A. From the clergy

Now such a curse — a rarity, as the overall religiosity is at a lower level than, for example, a couple of centuries ago. The most
common curse was anathema — excommunication.

B. After the candles and notes «for the peace» and «buried» pictures and other things of a living person

But this kind of curse, unfortunately, continues to live and work, as well as many years ago. Much to the man's death, using this to help the church or funeral rites, a very common tool in our day. A person may not even know that it therefore affect, and in all his life begins to crumble.

This is the curse disappears only after the death of «well-wisher,» or, after his own family begin a serious problem or trouble. For example, if someone is seriously ill from blood relatives. Then the curse of losing their strength. Consolation in this case, only one — the evil often comes back to someone who wants to harm others, so this way the curse hits cursing even more than the accursed.

Black magic curse

The curse made by a magician or sorcerer of photos or in person, as a rule, not on their own, and at the request of the enemies and detractors. Fight hard, but you can, more importantly, to notice that the problems began in the area in which they never had. P

The curse of the poor

People standing on the porch, or adhering to the passengers on the subway, can curse because they were not given «penny», and damn cripple, with an emphasis on health, and others — on the material well-being. The main thing — to clearly understand that you are not to blame for the fact that these people were as poor, and still remember that the area has long been begging — well-established business, and often these «poor» get a lot more money than you are .

Feelings of guilt, combined with the insults and bad words can be a powerful impetus to start trouble, so they should just ignore: Do not want to give money — turn away, do not see a panhandler in the face, do not give him the opportunity to join with you in the bad dialogue .

The Curse of the Gypsies

Gypsies — a strange nation, possessing a strong verbal magic, so there better not to quarrel. If you can not get around them a party, try to get rid of «low blood.» Gypsy curse are primarily at those who from childhood experiences in relation to these people the terrible fear, for example, those who inspire adults that Gypsies steal children that they can hypnotize and steal.

Incidentally, the gypsies, who have a real visionary and psychic abilities are rarely harmful to humans, on the contrary, they are able to inform you that the real damage to you or a curse, and even money for it will not take. And then their words worth listening to.

So if you are suited to the gypsy and says that «at you for the repose of writing,» Think you so annoy anyone, and try to rectify the situation. And handle it for this gild, even if the try to give up — for good reason.

Methods for removing curses
It would seem that the surest way to remove the curse — an appeal to the sorcerer, magician, healer. But really, how little those who actually possess psychic, magical abilities, those who can withdraw cash on a negative, rather than fighting for a fortune, being covered by some manipulation, misleading a person has applied to them.

However, there are other ways to deal with the consequences caused by the curse. If you have the ability to analyze events and their own fears, you can try to remove the curse itself. To do this, remember that you said that to you after this happened, and begin to work with their fears.

Remember where you have a horror of the spoken negative wishes. It is likely that a child someone told you horror stories about girls and boys, which someone has cursed, and they lived a little after that. And maybe, relatives often talked about someone from the family that he was cursed.

Sometimes it happens that from generation to generation, women's or men's branch of the family pursued the same troubles — flaws that led to the early care, failed marriages, hereditary diseases, failure in any particular case. And if it is also compounded by the words spoken in person at your address, you will not doubt that you are not the vicious cycle to break. But in vain!

You, if you try, will be able to explain what is happening with something more concrete than the terrible word «curse.» Look at the situation is not under the mystic, and a rational angle. Women's branch of the unfortunate in marriage? And because of what is going on?

The girl from early childhood sees the distorted relationship between the parents, and it seems that this is — well, that there is no other way, so it is a priori can not trust men, looking for flaws in them, which are often fictitious, resulting in a break .

She just can not behave differently from how her mother behaved, especially if an early age can hear from her, that all men — the bastards, and that they can not expect anything good. So she does not wait. And what kind of family happiness in this situation is all about?

Or the young man from an early age sees a drunken father who is either gay to wonder, or says that it is easier to live. For such a young man's illness and alcohol is not does not matter, as a way to get positive emotions, or hide from problems. Accordingly, the cause of his alcoholism is the habitat and properly placed priorities, rather than the age-old curse.

Similarly, you can find the roots of any «family curse» but imposed a real witch or a witch, and this, believe me, it happens infrequently. In this case you can not handle yourself, you must look professional. Although in any case, we must begin not with practicing magician, and a practicing psychoanalyst, who began to help relieve anxiety, and then use various techniques to get to the essence of the generic or any other «curses.»

Be careful what you say yourself, and not program myself to tell you after the accident in the heat of words.
The less you'll be close to the heart to take someone else's film, the less you will have problems. Try to treat all sorts of «wishes» according to the proverb: the dog barks, the caravan moves on, then there go your way, despite what you say. And then you're almost 100% protected from negative impacts and consequences of curses.
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