Demonic possession: the view of science and the Church

It is believed that the devil, having filled in the man puts his stamp on it, says its prey. So first of all, it is important to be able to recognize an obsession, not to be confused with the patient possessed a mental illness such as schizophrenia.

The most easily seen in a person signs diabolism during a church service

— «Epileptic» afraid of the church, the services of feeling bad, and often loses consciousness or, conversely, shouting obscenities and curses;

— Sprinkling holy water, touching the cross, inhaling incense could cause him physical torment;

— The ringing of church bells makes him wince and suffer from headaches;

— Obsessed with physical

Can not accept any of the Christian sacraments. If coming to communion, could easily push the hand of the priest offering him wine and bread.

However, the obsession can also occur outside the temple. According to Christian ideas, to signs and diabolism are the following:

— Approval of the person that he is possessed by the devil (demon) or torturing demons;

— A riot, especially when the person becomes unusually quiet quick-tempered, irritable and even aggressive;

— Blasphemy, oaths and curses against the church, the saints;

— Naming a different name, talking to another person (on behalf of the essence of who a person is obsessed with);

— The sudden manifestation of the ability to speak in unknown languages, a man (a phenomenon xenoglossy);

— The emergence of paranormal abilities and unnatural knowledge;

— Shameless behavior;

— Physical changes during the seizure (often obsessed with losing coordination, falls, convulses, often he has a great power);

— Change appearance during an episode (take a wild possessed, a terrible form) and personality (angry, and throw themselves at all foul-mouthed person can be quite good-natured and calm when an attack takes place).

«A person inexperienced is very difficult, almost impossible to distinguish the real from the obsession with mental illnesses, such as hysteria, as the attacks of these diseases are often very similar to the attacks of rage, — writes in his book» About Angels and demons «about. Konstantin Parkhomenko. — The patient can bend unnaturally, to fight in convulsions, torment themselves, to howl, cry, sometimes he has a physical force such that some people can not cope with it.

In the Gospel of… cases of illness and obsession are often intertwined, so sometimes they say about the healing of Christ possessed, sometimes — the expulsion of demons, for example, in a passage about a boy, raging „in the new moon,“ says, „and the demon came out of it, and the boy was cured from that very hour. “

Most other people are susceptible to fits of passive, dependent, vulnerable, open and impressionable. Often, they lack self-esteem, they are overly sensitive and easily amenable to external influences. Aura of such people are usually weak, they have no clear certainty about themselves.

There are times when in a state of possession are a group of people that can be seen in the actions of the crowd, and even entire populations, as it was in Germany during the Nazi rule.

Official Spider does not recognize the possibility of invasion in the human demons or the devil. In psychology, there is a special term — kakodemonomaniya denoting a mental disorder, with delusions of invasion in the patient's evil spirit. Kakodemon — an evil spirit, as opposed to a neutral spirit (demon), and good spirit (agatodemonu).

In 1923, a psychologist and psychiatrist Sigmund Freud called kakodemonomaniyu neurosis, in which man creates his own demons. Demons, in his opinion — the result of the suppression of desires. One of the most famous obsessive, about which Freud wrote, was a successful painter of the XVII century Bavarian Christoph Haytsmann.

In August 1677 Haytsmann was taken to the police: in desperation, he prayed to be taken to the nearest temple of the Virgin Mary. N for nine years before the date of the artist supposedly signed a deal with Satan, taking blood from the palm of his right hand. The term of the contract expired, and now Kristof feared that the Devil would come after him.

The police believed him and brought to the temple. After a three-day spell repentant Haytsmann saw the Virgin Mary, forcing the Devil is torn, the contract, which read: „Christophe Haytsmann. Sell yourself to Satan to be his son in the flesh, and give him body and soul into its ninth year. “

Freud explained that the disorder in males manifested a frightening image of a recently deceased father, who, on presentation of Haytsmanna wanted to rape him neutered. From the perspective of Freud, the cause of the disease lay in the failure Christoph resolution of the Oedipus complex.

The main thing that can be contrasted with the position of not believing in diabolism, is the experience of people involved in exorcism (otchitkoy), and they all show that, although rare, are found among the mentally ill people in whom it dwells a personal being — the devil. This fact, incidentally, is also confirmed by psychiatrists, who by the nature of the frequent contacts with mentally ill people.

»If a psychiatrist is not hostile to religion, but to objectively evaluate the clinical situation of their wards, it may be noted that some patients with a strange irrational aggression related to the whole religion: reading on them the Holy Scriptures, prayers, sprinkling them with holy water — writes about the. Konstantin Parkhomenko.

— These patients growl, bite, slaughtered under the bed, eschew all that is holy. After the sacred ground ro these patients calm down for a while.

The author is personally acquainted with a medical doctor, a woman who has more than 25 years working in an urban psychiatric hospital. (...) The physician faced with a mysterious phenomenon: some patients did not need medication. They came up after contact with the shrine, after reading prayers over them. "

Practice shows that such patients can be distinguished from the ordinary holy water, a priest, dressed in secular clothes, distinguished servant of the church, etc.

Similar experiments were carried out in the first half of XX century the famous Russian psychiatrist, MD, Professor Nikolai Krajina, initially a skeptic and a positivist, then — a believer. On this topic it was even published a book, called «Corruption, hysterical woman, and possessed as a phenomenon of Russian national life.» Here is an excerpt from this work:

«Hysterical woman correctly distinguish sacred water from the simple, as if it is hidden, we may give. Every time she brought a cup of holy water, she fell into a fit, often before you try it for taste. Code was fresh, Epiphany (the study was carried out in the middle of January). Both samples were poured into identical glasses in the other room, and I brought a sample it is ready. After many times repeated experiments yielded the same positive result, I mixed the two water samples together, a simple and holy, and sawed them equally in both glasses. Then hysterical woman was responsive to both the sample fits. Not once does not make a mistake in the recognition of holy water. „

As already mentioned, to get rid of the obsessive mental and physical suffering servants of the Church hold otchitku — a special prayer service during which the priest has blessed it to the bishop and the spiritual power of prayer reads Spell to expel demons from the man.

Previously, such rituals were carried individually priest of a man who is clearly possessed by an evil spirit. Mass otchitki emerged only recently as a violation of the Church adopted in order to commit this rank.

Today, the temples, where are the “strong father», as they are called the congregation can be seen at the same time a few dozen people who came to see «a session of exorcism,» just in case («What if I, too, possessed of a demon?»). It's a waste of time. Otchitka need only overt symptoms of possession.

For the same to be inaccessible to the evil forces, you need to remember and put into practice the words of contemporary Athonite Elder Paisius Athos, who said:

«When sin is in man's soul for a long time, then the devil takes him more human. And then, so he left, we need to destroy the old house and build a new one. „

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