The crown of celibacy - fate or fiction?

Does each representative beautiful half of humanity, not published in time to marry, was the subject for the guidance of this complex type of damage? Now we will try to figure it out.

Solitude — a consequence of targeting of damage or the result of our own mistakes?
When it comes to the crown of celibacy, it should be understood that this is a very complicated form of damage that can bring a true master who has sufficient knowledge and skills. We can not say that the person leading the crown of celibacy, can get a very strong backlash.

However, many women who, for whatever reason not satisfied with personal happiness, it's easier to believe that it's not their fault, but someone's. Hence, there is talk of the presence of corruption made «to loneliness.» Now we give an example of a few situations, explaining the absence of the desired wedding ring on the ring finger.

The situation first. My mother instilled in childhood daughter that her little girl ugly, stupid and no one will never be needed. My mother said once, twice, and forgot, but in the subconscious of these units were deposited daughters. Years go by, the little girl grew up, became a beautiful woman.

It would seem that the men appear in her life, but children's facilities prevented her from living a full life, and she believes that it deserves neither the man nor that, as a person of the opposite sex, feeling such a situation, get married and do not call. Bottom line: personal life is not built, and good families are told that blame the machinations of the envious.

Second situation. Once there was a girl who's parents tried to convince its uniqueness, originality and unearthly beauty (or she came to such a conviction). But since childhood, she felt that her hand is worth only the best man, and therefore is in constant expectation of an oligarch.

Of course, if the young were gonna — the daughter of the tycoon, while her dreams are feasible, but if it works as a cook in the dining room or the clinic nurse in the state — is unlikely. But pride does not allow to recognize that the demands made on candidates for the hand and heart, are too high.

What is the crown of celibacy?

Sorcerers say that it is an invisible structure, «worn» on the person. This type of damage can not be equated with the evil eye or a curse, because introduction of a ritual human crown is very complicated, and not every artist can deal with it.

The crown of celibacy (or crown of loneliness) damage baptized because «worn» over the person who is not adhering to it closely, but, nevertheless, and not allowing people close to the opposite sex. This structure can be described as an inverted crown, environmental rights, the teeth of which penetrate into the ground, locking a person in a cage.

The action of the crown of celibacy according to the nature of man

It will be misleading to assume that for each person this kind of damage are equally valid. For example, if a person is very sociable, then it likely will happen from time to time novels, but… the relationship will not result in a woman with her lover in a registry office and did not even bring one to the stage of cohabitation. But if a woman is closed, and her love affairs will be no.

Thus, the evil eye of man has always doomed to loneliness, while it is unsociable people quickly begin to think about the reasons for their unhappiness and look for a way out.

What happens after the release of the curse «to loneliness?»

Sure, she begins to enjoy incredible popularity among persons of the opposite sex, admired even by those men who had not seen her (or could not see). After removing the crown of celibacy, life becomes brighter, more interesting, and entered a long-awaited marriage proposal.

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