death spells that work real powerful magic die someoneDeath Spells, say these words out loud and your head will begin to occur as soon as scary pictures and really, what could be worse than becoming a victim of the deadly corruption? Perhaps only the fear of the unknown? The fact that the terrible words — " death spells " is hiding a very specific phenomenon, if you experience intense fear, or, who knows, a strong desire to bring such damage, then you should be aware of the fact that it represents.

So that in mind dear reader does not mess turned out, from information received, this paper has been divided into three parts. The first part you will learn about what constitutes the phenomenon. In the second, and you will find a description of specific methods of targeting corruption in death. The third part will tell you how it is possible to remove death spell, using a unique ritual of «Rebirth», which has helped many people avoid the unenviable fate. So, let's begin.

What is Death Spells?

Death spells of a negative program aimed at the complete destruction of man. Namely, the program to death. Death may be different, for example, a person may suddenly get sick and soon die. However, no drugs, no doctors, will not be able to help him. In most cases, they are not even able to make a diagnosis. It is also possible with an accident, hit by a car and fell awkwardly. Anything. In this case, no matter how important the outcome — death.

It is said that some of the witch and healers treat the damage to his death, as a quick and very powerful energy punch that brings people to the grave in a relatively short period of time. But this is not the case. The fact is that when you hover the damage to their death more often (and you will see for yourself by reading the second part of the article) does not use its own energy. Witchs resort to the death of Energy, energy, elements, etc. The reason for this is simple, but if the damage is done to death a strong and experienced magician, it is unlikely he will be so powerful energy to cause a fatal blow. Remember that the true art of the magician is not how to use their own, but in order to accumulate and direct the energy in the right direction from the outside and damage to their death is no exception

Symptoms of the death spells to make someone sick and die

Death spells may be the following symptoms. A sudden feeling unwell, unexplained weakness, worsening of chronic diseases. For example, all may develop the following scenario. Completely healthy people can suddenly become ill, feeling every day wakes to deteriorate. Naturally people will turn to a doctor, but as it was, mentioned above, doctors, or can not make a diagnosis, or each time will put different diagnoses. Meanwhile, the human condition wakes deteriorate. In the end, people will die.

Death spells and may look like an accident. In the version with an accident, a person can ever get into some unpleasant situations, for example, if a person drives a car, the one month he can go three times in the accident. Ultimately, it will break. In most cases, it is not known in advance how a person will die. Unless of course, damage is not purposeful, assume for a serious illness.
Death spells ritual my video on Youtube (Tutorial):

How to make Death spells quickly and fast. It's real or not?

<code><strong><span style="font-size: large;">Death spell is not a Kalashnikov assault rifle, with which a person can be sent to the other world in seconds. This is a more complicated process. But in any case it is possible to give specific dates. Typically, damage to death destroys human life from three months to one year. In rare cases, one month, however, this does not often happen. The period for which the damage is killing the victim, subject to the following circumstances. First, it is the power of the magician, a magician should understand the power of his experience and how developed his abilities. The ability to control energy flows, as his own, and attracted from abroad. Second, the level of protection for human rights. The level of protection from magic influence every person is different and depends on many factors, including the strength of its energy-field, the presence of patrons of the subtle world, the use of special talismans and amulets, or the use of special protective rituals. From the foregoing it can be concluded that any damage even the strongest to the death does not kill instantly, it takes some time.</span></strong></code>

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