Mother's curse, the curse-in-law

The case is very common. In anger and irritation expressed wishes: «Damn you!» «May you be empty!» «So that you died (choked, failed)», «so that your hands are withered», well, and the like, are programs binding. Often cursing each other cousins. Suffer from the curse of the damned and the children. If the father or mother of strong energy, and, respectively, and energy security, then hit the curse fall on children. Remember this always, never, even in great anger, do not blame anyone. Remember and that may be affected not only by the person you cursed, but his innocent children. Yes, and your children too. Imagine that this man went to the master — the healer and curse lifted? Many healers send it back, but still many times magnified. A particularly difficult — parent curse, curse-law. In this case, the woman curses his blood. It is the curse inherited by blood, as a species. Ancestral curse
Stored in the subconscious programs with intense emotional and sharply negative content. They act up to the seventh generation on the maternal or paternal line are transmitted naturally inherited. Can cause hereditary diseases. Usually ancestral curse damage Higher I, blocking the entire management system for the body as energy, and the physical layer up to the intranuclear. And destroy the whole body in the energy and physical levels. Ancestral curses on one person may be several. They may be imposed on man and in his present incarnation. Ancestral curse imposed on the person, usually, for sin. For example, for the sin of murder and violence. The sin of greed and cruelty. The heaviest generic curse — for the sin of killing love. Imagine a mother raped girls. In her grief she can lay a curse on the offender, that it not be good for the whole family to the seventh generation.
Or abandoned to starvation elderly parents as they will felicitate her «caring» baby? Or a child who grew up in an orphanage? Or unhappy woman, who in his youth was not allowed to marry the man she loved dearly? How do you think they are cursed in his grief and despair of those who have the cause of their misery? In our experience, there is a very significant event. Asked her mother 15 year old girl. The daughter no periods, although it is well developed, as well as «boils tortured.» When we saw the girl immediately raised the question of the ancestral curse. Such people tend to look like puppets, especially curse active. It turned out that the girl's father a murderer and assassin, was involved in a gang of young robbers and murderers, served in Tiny 8 years. Once married, the bride hid the fact conviction. Before marriage had taken root from another woman another daughter. At the time of referral to us her parents were divorced and she was raised by her mother and stepfather.
The eldest daughter of the murderer was sitting in prison for drug trafficking. How brutally tortured by a gang of people, their relatives and friends of the man cursed? Curse time to implement in the fate of his eldest daughter. And the beginning of harm younger. We are told that when a girl curse will be lifted, the father can get the deserved kick curse full measure. That is what happened: When a girl torn from the curse of the father got a serious head injury and was in a coma for a long time. Now he is on disability and lead a miserable existence, that is, he got what he deserved many years ago. Damn, he had received from his victims, implement and does not work more on his younger daughter, but hit full force by himself. He had not even died, and had to live in poverty and disease. The girl's all good.
Relatives and friends quickly noted how it has changed the look and mood. It ceased to be afraid of anything, and complexes, grown up, started doing better. In addition, it has ceased to appear boils and began menstruating. Interesting effect: her mother stopped uterine bleeding. You ask, and damned if already dead, what happens when a man and his child, to remove a generic curse.
When the ancestral curse is removed, it is automatically removed from all the descendants of this man. If he does have older relatives, it is recommended to treat the same way and, as at the time of the curse may hit the eldest in the family, who are still alive. Sometimes the strike ends in death, most disease.
Older people are more difficult to bear when their children and grandchildren ancestral curse is removed, we always warn of the consequences. Removing the ancestral curse work hard and expensive. Like any magical work, the intervention in karma. Sometimes mage for such interference in big trouble for themselves. Therefore, this work should be well paid to the energy balance was observed.

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