Parental and ancestral curse

EXAMPLE: Mother — drinking, walking, endlessly screaming at her son: «May you drop dead, you parasite! ..» Often at night, bringing another friend, was driving the boy to the staircase, and in any weather, calling them «damned geek», and at times obscene. In one of these nights the boy cold, caught pneumonia and died.

Damn parents, so called by the people  children are doomed to numerous life challenges.

If you're determined to your child that he is stupid and all misfortune for the family, so it eventually will be.
Because no one, except my parents, to whom their children in terms of energy are totally defenseless, can not be so «successfully» to make negative information in the energy field of the younger man, twisting his fate, harming health.
The first commandment for parents: never, under any circumstances, not to disrupt the bad mood and irritation in children. Even if they really crossed the limits of their fun and games.
It is in this phenomenon must be sought and the principles on which the Christian upbringing. Chief among them — do not punish the child hastily, in anger, screaming. Let him get his «seven savory flogged» if earned, but completely calm parents. And purely pedagogical effect is stronger: punished quietly — it seems really «to blame.» And does not that comes to hand something angry mother.
Speaking about the destructive power of parental curse any of the genuine experts said, and certainly on the opposite phenomenon — the greatest power of prayer for the sick parent or wayward children.
Examples of what makes a parent prayer where powerless even the finest physician in the practice of any of us enough. But it is — another topic.
Rapid and devastating fires parental curse, because as they say blood is my own, energetic background of the family and there is a general need for the body to build energy security.
To parent curses are not only curses from parents to children, but any intrafamily — that the children on the parents, and brother against brother, sister to sister.

Very often the father in the birth transitions CURSE

Curse of debauchery (not a parent will choose a partner) lead to the formation of ancestral curse — «crown of celibacy», the birth of children with developmental disabilities, and working out in every seven koleno.
Damn brother — brother to be in this family ancestral curse and alcoholism.
Did not share in the family property — generic curse and patients with mental illnesses.
My sister did not share with her sister boyfriend — tribal curse, «the crown of celibacy» and the appearance is such that not to be envied for every fifth koleno.
Children of parents cursed — ancestral curse and mortality in children, dying race.
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