How to make a curse on the photo?

Photography is the energetic imprint of man. Roughly speaking, photographing people, the picture gets not only his image but also its energy. Each person is unique, like a fingerprint or DNA. This is why such things are possible, such as diagnostics for human and magical picture of human exposure through photos.
The fact that a person is not just in the physical world, but in the astral world simultaneously. Only in the astral plane dwells not physical shell, and its energy counterpart. As we recall, the damage is the introduction of negative energy program in the energy field of the person (if you do not know what the damage and what principles it is done, read the article "The damage and the evil eye"). Photo serves as a reference point. That is, with the help of negative programs (deterioration) reaches the desired goal.
Photo of man can be considered a type of bindings. No more, no more, and in some cases, even the weaker points, for example, personal items or hair, nail person. Many magicians may not agree with me. However, in May, practice shows that this is so.
Who can bring damage to photos
In this case, the question is a bit wrong, because the damage can induce anyone to stress, either. It's not that. The thing is, what quality will this damage. The stronger the magnetic, the better and faster the negative work program.


If it is an experienced magician, the photo in his hands can become a deadly weapon. Besides, who are far from magic, does not help either photo or hair, or personal belongings of the victims, all in his hands would be meaningless and ineffective. But, keep in mind that your foe can seek help from a professional magician and then your condition is bad.
Spoiling the death picture
Damaging to death on photography - is a negative program for a complete destruction of man. Second-rate magician perform such damage can not do. However, this is not a what, it unattainable. It's safe to say that the harm with magic is much easier than making a positive impact on people. The situation may be up to the ridiculous, the magician can bring a certain damage, but the skills to take it off, he may not be enough.
One of the most famous of damage to death by binding to the photo is a dead man. That is, when the task of destroying rights rests with the spirit of the deceased. For this picture of a living person is put in the coffin with the dead. In this case, we say - "drags the dead man to his grave." But do not try vytvorit something similar with the picture of your enemy. This damage is described in general terms. And this kind of magical effect refers to necromancy, one of the most dangerous sections of black magic. Any wrong move can cost magician life.
The most important thing to realize that the photo is only one of many types of bindings that can be used to induce damage. However there are certain types of damage, even when the mouse which photos are not required.

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You can not give anyone your personal photos. In social networks, instead of your image file to put the teddy bears, sweet and kind, referring to the fact that at heart you are just that. It will not help. If a person has decided to hurt you with the damage, he will do it.)))))))

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