Protected against the curse

For no apparent reason you suddenly feel sick constantly and apathy, things went upside down, and relationships with family deteriorated. Maybe someone in your life has made a negative program, which is called a curse. Let's talk about how to resist others' influence.

Enough to create a vivid image in the mind of the victim of defeat, to transfer information about a specific subject and throw his victim that mechanism to work — think of wax or a rag doll, which is identified with the victim.

With the curse spell cast on water, food, clothing, money, things, and they begin to devastating effect. Damage not only the witch casting professionals. Thrown into the hearts of evil word can trigger the failure mechanism of energy field of another person.

Cats feel signs of the curse of the house and go to the «bad» place to protect from harm.

Inexplicable sadness

«Cursed,» a person is depressed, it hurts unexplained anxiety. He had symptoms of unexplained illnesses. He changes his habits drastically thinner or plumper.

In the church, crying, it shakes when it comes to the sacrament. He wore torn and lost gold chains with crosses, sanctified in the church.

Cursed man begins by people afraid of loud noises. In his apartment, there is a strange odor, spoils the holy water house plants die, are sick or dying pets.

At the door of the apartment sitting alien cats, dogs, by contrast, bypass the damn party. A person can not get rid of loneliness, as he tried, he could not find a mate.

Protect against the curse is difficult, but it is to take preventive measures. It is not easy to influence someone with high vitality. To save it, should learn a positive attitude to the world.

Often relax, restrain anger, do not be rude and do not judge people. No one is jealous and do not say these words: «But I would like him (her) ...» — in fact you may not know what is hidden behind another external well.

The church as a protection against the curse has to take the sacrament, to fast, to pray. To protect homes sprinkled holy water on the house. You can smoke house wormwood, thistle, St. John's wort. To clean the rooms in the house at the corners put aspen logs.

Before you take someone else's thing, to find out who it belonged to before. If this is not possible, at least temporarily store it away — you will soon feel whether it can be used without damage to itself.

This particularly applies to precious stones. Do not accept a gift from the hands of a man's sincerity is in doubt. Let him put his gift on the table.

When the guests leave, the reins over a burning candle gift or sprinkle holy water. It is dangerous to purchase anything on the market.

But with the antique shop is a different story: the thing, exhibited here for sale, has passed through many hands and hardly maintained over a negative charge.

In no case did not pick up items and money on the street, on the road. especially at the crossroads — at intersections often make or pay off the curse of disease.
I am a witch Reddy, often put at the intersection different expensive things, gold rings, money. this to be a curse on the one who will raise it or transfer the disease from my client who is a raise. It's very effective. A greedy people raise these things and get along with this «gift» curse.

It should make the damn things in the house — and the family settles in trouble. If you already have something, rather Blow back. Going to the crossroads, in no case be to look around and talk to someone. Humane include the «cursed» thing away from people, such as the intersection of the cemetery.

Curse cast even on the phone. You had to pick up the phone after a call, hear on the other end only the painful silence? It is possible at this point to someone reading your e spell curse.

As soon as possible, hang up, not trying to talk with the annoying «undecideds.» The longer you let it stay on the line so it will be better. and the curse quickly latched on to you.

Remove Curse can nly witch. But you can ease the condition and in the home. Sensing something was wrong, go church prayed earnestly, and if you do not know the words of prayer, just tell everything that has happened to you, ask for protection. Not always, but sometimes it helps.

You can pray to your guardian angel. Another option — to go to the cemetery to find the graves of three, in which are buried the people with the same name as you, then go to church and ordered these people to the funeral service, for the repose of their souls.

Protect against the curse

In my country, people believed that there is a nation with a «bad eye.» This is usually irritable, quarrelsome types that instantly flash to emit negative energy on someone and then calm down.

Whammy effect less destructive than a curse, but it's about casting easier, and this is often done unconsciously. To avoid becoming a victim of the «evil eye» of a person, you should always be alert and know how to respond to any reply.

Someone can not calm down, that you have the windows parked luxury «Mercedes»? So «entertain» envious, say that one more coming from the factory in Germany, according to your special request! The main thing, «extinguish» the negative and not give myself to catch unawares unexpected remark.

Interestingly, people, public, which, apparently, anyone can didst send any sort of curse, specially protected from curse and the evil eye. It is believed that they are under the special protection of heaven, and without «supervision» never will. Witches and help them in thi
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