Curse of the TV

This topic is at the beginning of the third millennium was truly inexhaustible. The rapid development of information technology has provided an opportunity to influence the human mind through television screens and the Internet.
It makes little sense like representatives of religious fundamentalism to fight evil in electronic guise. But knowing the basics of self-defense in the virtual world should each.
The use of television should be strictly dosed. This means that the total television viewing, especially on weekends, is not only pointless, but also harmful, and not just with the usual medical point of view. That's what they think about this practice — psychologists and occultists.
«Watching TV — the strongest point of contact information. Every second through the brain goes through the flow of information, the amount of which the person is unlikely to be able to imagine. „
“Viewer — a fool to imagine that for telewonders& he pays only for electricity bill that came from energy companies.»
«Consciousness is fully open, and the effect is relaxing, hypnotic effect of TV, cat ing so excited spectator Negative information, virtually encoded in public signs, affects the soul ...»
«Spirits of voodoo and» spirits «of the virtual world perform work remains entirely behind the scenes. People — be it naive „kettle“ or sophisticated „hacker“ — sees only the result of not being able to see how is the workflow itself. „
What are the manifestations telecurse? Whether they are a manifestation of fatigue of the brain? It turns out that fatigue accompanying viewer for life and often take them for a pleasant feeling of relaxation — the real goal for the penetration of negative energy. Hypnotic effect achieved when watching TV does not reach its end, that is catharsis (purification). And the feeling of irritation, often remains after a long “dialogue» with TV, is not the most unpleasant of the possible consequences. So who is this evil genius who sends damage to a mass audience right from the blue screen? The answer is as simple as it is paradoxical: the viewers themselves!
But what about the «brainwashing» of viewers, «fooling» the audience, and the like? Leave these propaganda cliche for politicians. Reducing the viewing of TV, you can avoid a lot of psychological problems. For the most part, on television are not many programs that are really worth watching from beginning to end.
Now a bit of surfing. Typically, amateur, getting into the network is lost: the abundance of unnecessary information affects, then starts to get annoying. Aimless «space» on the Internet is meaningless. You should use one of the navigation systems to deal with targeted searches and receive only the information you need.

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